Law and Order
CI, Episode 2.18
Production number: E3219
First aired: 6 April 2003
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Teleplay By
Theresa Rebeck

Story By
Rene Balcer & Theresa Rebeck

Directed By
Steve Shill & Frank Prinzi

When an inner-city father and son are found with their throats slit, Detectives Goren and Eames discover that a series of adolescent boys have disappeared from the same intimidating neighborhood.


The death of a man and his son leads to the discovery of other children who have gone missing from the same neighborhood, and the realization that the parents are too scared to speak to the authorities. Upon discovering that the neighborhood is ruled by a gang of bicycle thieves, Goren and Eames look into the leader of the group. When he convinces a suspect in the murders to kill himself with cyanide rather than talk, the Detectives must find a way to use the group's unusual belief system against the leader.


Main cast

Guest cast



Alexandra Eames, talking to Robert Goren: In this neighborhood, the neighborhood watch watches the cops.

Bennie Iberra: Jojo's a hero.
Robert Goren: Jojo's a hero? How do you figure that? He's a sound engineer.

(Goren and a keyboard get to know each other)

Keyboard: Baby!
Robert Goren: (grinning) Ooh, I like that!

Alexandra Eames: Honest people, every last one of them. You can tell because they're such bad liars.

Jojo Rios: A man who sees his shortcomings and corrects them is on his way to meeting God.

Ron Carver: But I wasn't aware that Marcus Aurelius was an advocate of suicide.
Robert Goren: Well, he wasn't... But like any belief system, in the wrong hands, Stoicism can be twisted to mean whatever you want...

Robert Goren: Don't run, Frankie. It won't be good for you if you run.
Frankie Iberra: (calm) I'm not running.
Robert Goren: That's good.
Frankie Iberra: And so it begins...

Frankie: I am a warrior. I welcome death.
Robert Goren: (trying to keep Frankie conscious) Yeah, and warriors try to live! They live, and they fight- (Frankie's gone) That son of a bitch!

Robert Goren: Let's go round up some legionnaires.

Background information and notes

Deleted/Alternate Scenes

  • In an alternate scene, Louisa Iberra commits suicide after learning about the deaths of her husband and sons.
  • In a deleted scene, Sami Iberra tries to escape being killed by his brother but Frankie's friends catch him and slit his throat.
  • Bennie Iberra is brutally beaten and killed after he sold-out their leader Jojo for the crime.
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