Lena Brody
Name Lena Brody
Occupation Nurse
Status Deceased
Actor Monique Fowler
First Appearance "A Murderer Among Us"

Lena Brody was a resident of New York City and immigrant from Argentina. Her parents sent her to live in the United States when she was 16.

She was married to Lance Brody, and mother of Claire Brody. She was a nurse at the Brooklyn Home for the Jewish Aged.

She loved her daughter very much, and was proud of her accomplishments.

Lena discovered during her marriage that Lance had killed several Jewish men over his life, due to a hatred of Jews that he had developed in his youth. This discovery was further complicated when she discovered that her parents, and therefore herself, were Jewish.

She killed herself in an attempt to frame Lance for her murder, once she discovered what he had done, in the hope that this would protect Claire from her father. (CI: "A Murderer Among Us")

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