Lena Olson
Lenaolson (2)
Name Lena Olson
Affiliation Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Pathology Murderer
Con artist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Amy Seimetz
First Appearance "Rapist Anonymous"

Lena Olson is a recovering alcoholic who stalked and murdered her lover, fellow alcoholic Gene Fierstein, when he refused to leave his fiancée Melissa.


While in Alcoholics Anonymous, Lena meets Gene and they begin a sexual relationship, even though Gene is engaged. She also starts a relationship with Nate Davis. When Gene starts to drift away from her, Lena tries to break him and Melissa up by telling her about the affair. When they stay together, Lena learns from Nate that another woman he is sleeping with, Amanda Rollins, is an SVU detective with a sister who was the victim of domestic violence; learning this, Lena asks for Rollins to be at the next AA meeting so she could become friends with her. After having sex with Gene, Lena is angry that he is still going to marry Melissa; therefore, she goes to Rollins and accuses Gene of rape knowing the detective would have a blind spot for her. When the detectives don't press charges, Lena decides to threaten Gene into coming to her apartment and having sex on the rooftop which he does in order to get her to calm down. After the sex Lena kills Gene by pushing him off the roof.

She then calls Rollins and the SVU detectives investigate the crime. When they learn from Melissa that Gene was being stalked by Lena and that Lena asked the supervisor of her apartment how to disable the alarm for the rooftop door the detectives go to arrest Lena while she is with Rollins much to her shock. In court Lena and her attorney Minonna Efron try to make Gene seem like a violent man and make her seem like a domestic violence victim. When Nate is called to the stand he supports Lena's story but during Barba's cross examination it is revealed that Nate has been sleeping with both Lena and Rollins and that Lena knew Rollins was an SVU detective because Nate told her and that he also told her that Rollins was still sympathetic to her. Barba claims that with this much information exchanged between them, Nate was either a co-conspirator or a chump; Nate responds that he was the latter, causing Rollins to realize that Lena was only manipulating her. Eventually, Lena is found guilty of murdering Gene. (SVU: "Rapist Anonymous")

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