Lena Petrovsky
Lena Petrovsky.jpg
Name Lena Petrovsky
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Family Unnamed children
Status Alive (retired)
Actor Joanna Merlin
First Appearance "Legacy"
Last Appearance "Reparations"

Lena Petrovsky is a Judge based in Manhattan.

Petrovsky has a reputation for being tough but fair: while she has frequently shown favor towards the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, she has often sought to curb the DA's power when she felt it was being abused. She is also known overexerting her authority in telling the DA's office how they should prosecute cases.

She is a known participant of Judge Joseph P. Terhune's weekly poker games. (SVU: "Bound")

Petrovsky versus Cabot[edit | edit source]

Petrovsky has a long and deeply adversarial history with Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot. This stems from the Roy Barnett case, where Cabot lied her way into getting a search of the victim Sam Cavanaugh's room, in which detectives found videotapes implicating Barnett in the abuse of several underage boys.

Though Petrovsky had little choice but to allow the tapes to be presented as evidence, she has been very tough on Cabot ever since.

Cabot's apparent assassination in 2003 and subsequent years in Witness Protection have healed some of the differences between them, with Petrovsky telling Cabot she's glad she's back, but Petrovsky still refuses to tolerate "stunts" from Cabot. It seems Petrovsky's faith in Cabot is restored when she gives Alex two days to prepare for the State Bar investigation. (SVU: "Turmoil")

Family life[edit | edit source]

Judge Petrovsky has mentioned being a mother. (SVU: "Countdown")

Arraignments[edit | edit source]

  • Released the defendant on his own recognizance until trial and granted Cabot's motion for an order of protection against Andrews and made him surrender all weapons he had in his possession.
  • Remanded the defendant until trial after he attacked his attorney and threatened Petrovsky.
  • Ordered the DA's office to file charges against Claire Rinato in addition to Grace, and held ADA Alexandra Cabot in contempt of court for questioning her authority.
  • Gave Sennet a $500,000 bail instead of the $100,000 bail suggested by Novak after seeing that a restraining order had done nothing to stop Sennet's behavior towards the victim, which Petrovsky found alarming.
  • Ordered the removal of Eva Sintzel from the court.
  • Adds a lesser charge of petty larceny.
  • Arraigned the defendants on $10,000 each.
  • Ruled that Rook could serve as his own attorney.
  • Arraigned the defendant on $250,000 bail.
  • Dismissed the case due to lack of evidence.
  • Arraigned the defendant on $300,000 on murder two charges.

Cases tried[edit | edit source]

  • Granted defense's motion for the defendant to testify at the grand jury.
  • Ordered Mrs. Douglas to produce her daughter Sophie for a second round of questioning by the SVU in order to try and identify her kidnapper.
  • Denied a motion for dismissal filed by defense attorney Carolyn Maddox.
  • Ruled that defendant Pam Adler could cross-examine plaintiff Peter Smith, but warned Adler that any attempts to intimidate the plaintiff would result in disbarment.
  • Ruled that Poletti's obscene writings warranted a criminal trial.
  • Granted defense's motion to suppress jewelry found in Ryan's toolbox on the grounds that the police needed Ryan's permission to search, not his boss.
  • Granted prosecution's motion to test Esterman's blood, but limits the scope to only things the hospitals and blood banks would test for.
  • Granted a motion nullifying Kurtz's legal immunity after it was revealed that she had initiated the sexual abuse of her little sister. However she knew Cabot manipulated Eric Campbell's father into getting that and was angered she wasn't ready for trial yet.
  • Ordered Dr. Lang's removal from the court after repeated outbursts during the testimony of Paula Haggerty.
  • Declined to grant A.D.A. Casey Novak a mistrial after defense witness Hilary Barclay claimed under oath that she had committed the crime for which her mother was standing trial. Novak instead dropped all charges against Juliet Barclay and arrested her daughter.
  • Ordered that Justin Sharp be held in contempt for refusing to answer questions that might have incriminated Eldridge.
  • Accepted a plea deal for manslaughter and sentenced the defendant to five years. Casey Novak later stated that she would ensure Eldridge would serve her sentence in a juvenile facility.
  • Granted defense's motion for dismissal after prosecutorial witness Jenny Rogers perjured herself on the stand.
  • Reviewed evidence against Linus McKellen, and threw it out, because T.A.R.U. Ruben Morales had used an untested method of identification.
  • Presided over Tessa's competency hearing, where Tessa suffered a self-induced seizure. Called an ambulance for Tessa and sent her to a private mental hospital over Novak's concerns that Tessa was manipulating Petrovsky.
  • Presumably reversed her decision after Tessa was revealed to be faking her paralysis.
  • Ruled that Katie Nicholson could be sworn in as a witness for the prosecution. Also displayed a bit of a softer side when Katie asked for a hug (she liked to hug people) and promised that she might give the girl one later.
  • Ordered Roderick to be removed from the court after he threatened "Cassidy Cornell" with violence during her testimony.
  • Dismissed case after ADA Casey Novak is caught violating Brady Rules on disclosing evidence.
  • Rules that defense's motion is credible and if the alibi is verified she will dismiss the charges.
  • Denied the motion after it is proven Ocurro faked the alibi and is caught raping another woman.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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