Leon Trapp
Name Leon Trapp
Pathology Spree killer
Serial robber
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Eddie Trapp (cousin; deceased)
Status Deceased
Actor Rusty De Wees
First Appearance "Hot Pursuit"

Leon Trapp was a spree killer and serial robber who kidnapped a girl, Leslie Harlan, raped her, and brainwashed her into becoming his accomplice.

After committing a string of robberies and murders with Leslie in Manhattan, Trapp was shot and killed by a store clerk after pulling a gun on Detectives Briscoe and Curtis. (L&O: "Hot Pursuit")

Known Victims

  • 1995:
    • March, Salem, Connecticut:
      • Leslie Harlan (kidnapped, forced her parents into paying a ransom, raped, and brainwashed into becoming his accomplice; was rescued)
      • Eddie Trapp (his cousin; shot in the head)
    • May, Bridgeport, Connecticut: At least three unnamed people (all held hostage and robbed at a liquor store)
    • September 11, New York City, New York:
      • The Vivant Room robbery:
        • William "Willy" Sullivan (the bartender; shot four times)
        • Alice Brett (shot in the head)
        • Helen Shane (the night manager; kidnapped, gagged, and later shot in the back)
        • Several unnamed people (all injured by stray shots and flying glass)
      • David Kim (robbed at a deli store, then shot twice through the chest and head)
      • Unnamed woman (held hostage)
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