Leslie O'Hara
Name Leslie O'Hara
Family Jake O'Hara (son; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Johanna Day
First Appearance "Conscience"

Leslie O'Hara was Jake O'Hara's mother


Leslie and Jake were called in for questioning once more when Jake's testimony was found to be a lie. She was initially shocked that Jake admitted to killing Brett Morton's son, fearing that she would send him back to a boot camp where he had been sodomized after the boy saw him kill a cat by accident.

Jake was known for having very bad temper tantrums in school, so she sent him to the boot camp, but pulled him out when she heard what the other campers were doing to him, threatening to sue the camp and blaming the other children for Jake's actions.

She appeared in Family Hearing with her son, and when Detective Elliot Stabler came in and told the court Jake had been lying, she refused to believe anything Stabler said and told Stabler and Morton, as she was leaving, to leave her son alone and to stay away. When Morton had shot and killed Jake, she was initially frantic and hysterical.

Leslie appeared in Morton's court hearing in a traumatized state with her lawyer Cleo Conrad when Morton was acquitted of the murder. (SVU: "Conscience")

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