Liev Bodrov
Name Liev Bodrov
Title The Butcher
Affiliation Russian Mafia
Occupation Mobster
Pathology Serial killer
Con artist
Status Deceased
Actor Gary Hope
First Appearance Russian Brides

Liev Bodrov is a crime boss of the Russian mafia.


At some unknown point, Bodrov joined the Russian mob and was eventually imprisoned in Siberia but ten years into his sentence he escaped and ran in the international mail-order bride service as a front for prostitution and blackmail operations. When the daughter of a young woman, Lena, was kidnapped, she enlisted Bodrov to help find her. Eventually, Anna was killed but Bodrov murdered the kidnappers and Lena had been in debt to him ever since. Bodrov would have Lena get engaged to wealthy older men, while she was with these men, Bodrov would pretend to be an abusive ex-boyfriend and stalk them, after Lena and the men were married, Bodrov would then pretend to kidnap Lena to extort ransom money.

After the money was collected, Bodrov would rape and murder one of his prostitutes who looked like Lena to make it seem like she was killed, after murdering a prostitute, Bodrov would pull out her teeth, saw off her fingers and then mutilate the face so that the body could not be identified. Eventually Lena goes on a date with Donald Cragen, who was undercover, and the SVU detectives and A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot make her help them lure Bodrov out. When Bodrov goes to a restaurant where Lena and Cragen are "dating" Detectives Olivia Benson, Nick Amaro and Amanda Rollins start to move in to arrest him. Bodrov tried to shot Amaro but was then shot dead by Rollins. (SVU: "Russian Brides")