L&O, Episode 16.05
Production number: 16006
First aired: 19 October 2005
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Written By
Greg Plageman

Directed By
Rosemary Rodriguez

Businessman Kevin Drucker is coerced by the L-12 street gang to murder an investigative journalist in order to guarantee protection for his imprisoned son.


When the body of undercover reporter Teresa Richter is discovered, police soon realise her death is connected to the story she was working on a Latin gang, L-12. Their investigation leads them to Kevin Drucker, a businessman who reported his car stolen but who was really paying off members of L-12 not to hurt his son Patterson, who was imprisoned on the same cell block with many of the gang members.

McCoy and Borgia realize the only way they can get to L-12, who ordered the hit on Richter, is to get Drucker to testify. Drucker is reluctant to do so, however, unless his son's safety can be guaranteed.


Main cast

Guest cast


Crime Scene Unit; Locotes Doces; Lond Island; Malverne; Saint Luke's Church; Sing Sing; TARU; Richter, Teresa; Wyandanch.


Dr. Rodgers: [about Teresa Richter] If she's a hooker, she's the first one I've seen who wears better underwear than I do.

Defense attorney: [to McCoy] What are you offering?
McCoy: Man-1, 20 years in exchange for his testimony against L-12. You allocute to your crime and you testify at the ensuing trial.
Kevin: What makes you think I'll make it to that trial, Mr. McCoy?

Kevin: You can't protect me or my son in there and you know that but you don't really care, so you're negotiating in bad faith, Mr. McCoy.
McCoy: I'm not sure what else we can do here, please explain to your client that there isn't a better deal.
Kevin: Your deal will kill my son.
McCoy: You understand what you're facing, Mr. Drucker, a life in prison.
Kevin: Actually, I think I understand it better than you do, Mr. McCoy.

[about the victim's clothing and tattoos]
Green: It's a West Coast gang.
Fontana: Weren't they all at one time?

Gang member: [to Borgia] Excuse me, miss. You tell your boss, we were this close.

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Apartment of
Doug & Estella Richter
113 Perry Street
Saturday, July 31

St. Luke's Church
Outreach Center
340 East 117th Street
Saturday, July 31

Sing Sing
Correctional Facility
Saturday, July 31

Fleetmart Store
Malverne, Lond Island
Monday, August 2

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Home of Kevin Drucker
Wyandanch, Long Island
Monday, August 2

Supreme Court
Trial Part 87
Tuesday, October 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 87
Thursday, October 7

Supreme Court
Trial Part 36
Tuesday, October 19

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