Law and Order

Lillian Rice is a woman who allowed her daughter Becca to drink alcohol, provided beer for her and her friends for their parties, and started having sex with her daughter's classmate Jordan Owens.


When Lillian gets home from shopping, she finds Detectives Stabler and Benson questioning Becca and Jordan. When she finds out there was a party where alcohol was served, she pretends to not know anything about it and feigns shock and outrage. After learning that a girl named Melanie Tamkin died at the party, she asks her daughter what happened, but Becca claims to have never been at the party. Later on, when Stabler comes to question Becca again, Lillian tries to flirt with him and brings him to Becca's room. Becca says she doesn't know where the kids are partying, but eventually says she heard them talking about partying at Luke's house. Later, when the detectives go looking for Jordan, they hear from his mother that he is being tutored by Becca. When they return to Becca's house, she tells them Jordan isn't supposed to be with her that day. When they enter the house, they hear noises coming from Lillian's room and discover she is having sex with Jordan, much to Becca's dismay. She and Jordan are then arrested.

When Benson interrogates her, Lillian tries to question Benson's love life. She then explains she got pregnant with Becca when she was 17 and that her husband left her for his younger secretary. She admits she was angry at first, but decided if he could date a younger woman, then she can date a younger boy, but Benson still reprimands her for it, saying she was essentially competing with her daughter. Lillian refutes this, saying she would never hurt Becca and that she didn't want her and Jordan to be caught, but she also claims that she and Jordan care for each other. When Benson asks her why she gave him alcohol, Lillian asks for a lawyer. At the trial, Lillian pleads not guilty to all charges and is released on her own recognizance, but she is ordered to stay away from minors other than her daughter.

After Jordan kills himself and his friend Reagan Michaels in a single-vehicle accident while driving drunk one night, Stabler and Benson learn from their friend Luke Young that Becca herself is a heavy drinker. Stabler visits the Rices with a social worker and discovers Becca's drinking after forcing her to do a breathalyzer test. Lillian is then arrested and Becca is taken to the hospital. Lillian tries to claim Becca picked up her drink by accident, but when Becca sobers up at the hospital, she reveals that she started drinking when she was 12, that her mother allowed it when she caught her, and that they eventually started drinking together. Becca also reveals that she only became popular when her mother started giving the other kids alcohol, and that she served and supplied alcohol on the nights that Tamkin, Jordan, and Reagan died.

At the trial, Lillian's attorney tries to claim Becca is a liar, while at ADA Novak's office, Lillian claims Becca is a troubled girl and that she exaggerated her drinking. When Casey reminds her Becca is in rehab, Lillian rebuffs her. However, when M.E. Warner reveals on the stand how much damage Becca's brain and body suffered from the alcohol abuse, a remorseful Lillian confesses to the court that she bought the alcohol for the party Tamkin died at and gave Jordan alcohol on multiple occasions, including the night he and Reagan died. She then apologizes to Becca and explains that she only wanted to help her daughter make friends. Lillian is sentenced to five years in prison for three counts of criminally negligent homicide, while her daughter recovers in rehab. (SVU: "Responsible").

Known Victims

  • 2007:
    • January 7: Melanie Tamkin (choked on her own vomit after drinking too much alcohol supplied by Jordan, which he got from Lillian)
    • January 11: The car crash:
      • Jordan Owens (the driver; died on impact after getting behind the wheel drunk through alcohol provided by Lillian; previously seduced and had consensual statutory sex with)
      • Reagan Michaels (passenger; died on impact)