Linda Bagley
Name Linda Bagley
Affiliation Westway Youth Center
Occupation Youth center director
Status Alive
Actor Donnetta Lavinia Grays
First Appearance "Chicago Crossover"
Last Appearance "Forty-One Witnesses"

Linda Bagley is the director of the Westway Youth Center.


Bagley is first seen when Detectives Tutuola and Amaro arrive at the center asking about one of her former kids, Teddy Courtney. She tells them that during both times he stayed at the center, he ran away, and he only stayed a week the last time he was in the center. She then asks her security guard, George Turner, if he remembers Teddy and he responds that he doesn't. When she asks why they want to find him and they tell her it is connected to a pedophile ring, Bagley mentions that he was thirteen the first time he ran away and that was when the ring must have found him. She then tells them she doesn't know where he is now, but gives them a name of a friend, Jocelyn Cerpaski. Sergeant Benson and Detectives Lindsay and Halstead later arrive at her office, informing her that Turner helped kidnap Teddy for the ring. After some initial shock, Bagley confirms that Turner helped kidnap another boy named Henry Thorne and points them to the surveillance camera, where it shows Turner trying to flee. (SVU: "Chicago Crossover")

Bagley later calls in SVU after she sees more of her children at the youth center on television accused of raping a woman named Libby Parker. Sergeant Mike Dodds and Detective Rollins arrive to question her and she identifies the boys as Ronnie Ellis, Juan Flores, and Will Reeves. She mentions that while she isn't surprised Ellis and Flores are involved, she was shocked that Reeves is also being accused. Bagley says that the children are supposed to be locked in at night, but some issues with the night guards make that a little difficult. She leads them to the game-room where the boys are, but is surprised to see that they jumped out the window to escape. Bagley shows the officers where their beds are to find clues as to where they ran off to. She also mentions they have multiple Twitter handles but does her best to give them what she has. Bagley tells them each of the boys' histories and mentions that they would be on the street; Ellis and Flores would be dealing drugs there, while Reeves would probably be in Brooklyn. (SVU: "Forty-One Witnesses")


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