Linda Karlin
Name Linda Karlin
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
ADA (former)
Status Alive
Actor Roxanne Hart
First Appearance "Judge Dread"

Linda Karlin is a judge in the New York State Supreme Court. One of the toughest judges in the whole New York court system, she's been known to hand down maximum penalties for even the smallest of crimes, a habit that has earned her the nickname "Judge Dread".

One of her former defendants tried to put out a hit on her. The effort failed, and her would-be assassin, Frank Morris was shot dead. The subsequent trial garnered her little sympathy, though, as the jury learned that the hit had been arranged by a white-collar schlub, Randall Wiley, who'd been sent to Rikers Island, for crimes that even his prosecutors felt were relatively minor, and who, while in prison, had been pressured by inmate Jimmy McGowan to purchase the hit. In a bitter irony for the judge, the prosecution of Wiley and McGowan for the attempt on her life resulted in them getting reduced sentences on the crimes that landed them in her court. (L&O: "Judge Dread")

Cases tried

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