Lindsay Stanton
Lindsay Stanton
Name Lindsay Stanton
Title Luke Stanton
Occupation Student
Pathology Alleged murderer
Family Unnamed father
Amelia Stanton (mother)
Logan Stanton (twin brother)
Status Alive
Actor Reiley McClendon
First Appearance "Identity"

Luke "Lindsay" Stanton is the identical twin brother of Logan Stanton.


After Luke underwent a botched circumcision, the boys' parents, unbeknownst to either of the twins, had Luke undergo surgeries to help him switch genders to become Lindsay Stanton. When he found out, he decided to switch back to his original gender.

Lindsay is assaulted by a member of Stone Cold Assassins, a gang that primarily worked in stealing identities, specifically those on the Upper East Side. When DNA evidence showed that the sex chromosome was XY, attention was drawn to Logan. It is then revealed that Lindsay was in fact the one on the roof, and not Logan, because of the sex chromosome evidence. (SVU: "Identity")

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