Lisa Everly
Name Lisa Everly
Occupation Prostitute
Status Alive
Actor Bridget Barkan
First Appearance "Strange Beauty"
Last Appearance "Brief Interlude"

Lisa Everly is a prostitute known for only having one working leg.


In 2001, Everly was paid $25,000 by Dr. Hal Brightman to amputate her left leg, though he never gave her his name. She was going to use the money to get clean but she ended up using the money to feed her drug habit.


When another girl named Nina Raedo has her left leg cut off in 2012, Detectives Benson and Amaro question Everly about the incident. After she tells them everything that happened to her, they leave and eventually arrest Brightman. (SVU: "Strange Beauty")

Everly later appears in a diner having lunch with fellow prostitutes Jeannie Kerns and Yvette Jiminez. After they are done eating, Everly starts working the street right next to Jeannie and witnesses her getting into Craig Rasmussen's car. She is later interviewed by SVU and she tells them about Jeannie and Craig. She then witnesses them take Jeannie and an unnamed man into custody. (SVU: "Dreams Deferred")

Everly is seen getting questioned by Benson and Amaro in the park after a woman named Ariel Randolph was assaulted. She offers to say she saw a man in the park if they pay her, which they rebuked. (SVU: "Brief Interlude")


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