Lisa Lundquist
Name Lisa Lundquist
Title Vice President of Production
Affiliation Mattawin Studios
Status Alive
Actor Lauren Graham
First Appearance "D-Girl"
Last Appearance "Showtime"
Lisa Lundquist was the vice president of production at Mattawin Studios in Hollywood, California. She aided in the murder investigation of Heidi Ellison and was a love interest for Rey Curtis.


While investigating the murder of Heidi Ellison, Lennie Briscoe and Rey Curtis traveled to Hollywood to obtain a blood sample from a suspect named Evan Grant. When they have trouble gaining access to Mattawin Studios, Lisa comes to greet them at the gate. Lisa asks Curtis to take a look at a script that's being developed about the New York cops. Briscoe suggests that she take him to dinner so she can pick his brain. At dinner, she talks to him about her work and suggests that Curtis come to work at Mattawin as a technical adviser. Lisa becomes attracted to Curtis and plants a kiss on him outside the restaurant. When he notices that she has had too much to drink, he resists her advances and gives her his hotel room key so she can sleep there while he sleeps in Briscoe's room. The next day, in Lisa's office, Curtis admires a picture of Lisa's boat and she offers to take him sailing sometime. After Briscoe and Curtis return to New York, Lisa leaves a message for Curtis saying that she's at the Royalton Hotel and that he can call her anytime day or night.


When Briscoe asks if Curtis took Lisa out, he tells him that he showed her the precinct. When Briscoe and Curtis travel back to Los Angeles to arrest Eddie Newman, Lisa has a limo waiting for them at the airport. The chauffeur give Curtis a list of the numbers where she'll be. Later, Curtis has dinner with Lisa on her boat. She offers him a job at Mattawin Studios working out of New York. She asks him to have sex with her with no strings attached. He refuses and politely says good night to her.


Work in Progress



  • Lisa Lundquist and Rey Curtis in D-Girl.
  • Rey Curtis and Lisa Lundquist in Turnaround.
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