Lisa Moore
Name Lisa Moore
Pathology Conspirator
Family Tom Moore (husband)
Nicky Moore (adopted son)
Status Alive
Actor Jodie Markell
First Appearance "Wednesday's Child"

Lisa Moore is a woman who gave her adopted son Nicky to a broker who then gave Nicky to child pornographers Roger and Alexa Pearson.


Lisa was often left alone with Nicky as Tom went away on business trips. Lisa grew frustrated with Nicky's behaviour and decided to give him to a broker. When Tom came home, Lisa lied and said that Nicky had disappeared without her knowing, which prompted the Special Victims Unit to investigate. The detectives soon saw through Lisa's lies when she claimed she went for groceries with Nicky but a picture showed Lisa alone in the car. Lisa burst into tears and told the detectives she had to do what she did and that they would've done the same.

Lisa gave the detectives the brokers details and after an intense search in which the SVU found several children the detectives found Nicky passed out in a plane bathroom stall. Nicky was then taken to hospital. Benson then coldly told Lisa that she shouldn't of done what she did. Lisa told Benson that things will be different between her and Nicky now, to which Benson doubtfully replies that she hopes so. Lisa then nervously goes to see Nicky in his hospital room. (SVU: "Wednesday's Child")

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