Law and Order
Law and Order
SVU, Episode 12.01
Production number: 12001
First aired: 22 September 2010
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Written By
Dawn DeNoon

Directed By
Arthur W. Forney


A girl named Mackenzie has reportedly been abducted after being left alone for a minute. The detectives arrive and all evidence points to Mackenzie being lured by an online predator. It is revealed that Mackenzie is being homeschooled and under heavy surveillance

The detectives and Mackenzie's parents rush only to find Mackenzie with a man. Both are taken into custody. To everyone's surprise, Mackenzie does not comply, she claims she is adopted and there really is no abduction. She wanted to run away with her other family from another foster home.

After clearing the man, Benson discovers a secret note indicating that Mackenzie is being abused by her foster parents. Benson investigates and makes a shocking discovery, it is revealed that the foster parents had a daughter that went missing and abducted years ago. And all this time the distressed parents were using Mackenzie as a replacement for their lost daughter, Ella.

The parents accuse a photographer of kidnapping Ella, a quick investigation by the detectives revealed that a red hair girl was on the scene the day Ella was abducted, confirming one part of the parent's tall story. Facial recognition reveals the identity of the red head. The red hair girl confesses and says her drunk and abusive father abducted Ella.

Arriving on the father's farm/property the detectives immediately arrest the father. Benson discovers a mute and shocked Ella on the scene.

Ella is reunited with her real parents. And Mackenzie and Benson exchange signs of relief.


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Cragen: Hold up. Liv, I'm gonna have to pull you.
Benson: Why?
Cragen: You're gonna have to finish interviewing Mackenzie. Her mom is demanding a penis-free environment.

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Burton Residence
79 Irving Place
Building Security Room
Monday, August 16

Grand Central Terminal
Monday, August 16

Residence of
Marie Pavolko
1933 Bograt Avenue
Bronx, New York
Monday, August 16

RFID Industries
1265 Lexington Avenue
Tuesday, August 17

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Adirondack Park
Tuesday, August 17

Schaeffer Portrait Studio
2254 71st Street
North Bergen, New Jersey
Wednesday, August 18

Happy Fun Time
Massage Parlor
291 Canal Street
Thursday, August 19

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