Logan Carter
Name Logan Carter
Occupation Former pilot
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial harasser
Family Unnamed wife
Status Imprisoned
Actor Martin Donovan
First Appearance "Flight Risk"

Logan Carter is a serial rapist who sexually assaulted many of the women he worked with during his job as a pilot.

History[edit | edit source]

Behind his shining reputation and good name, Carter was a serial rapist who targeted his female coworkers at Optimum Air. Whenever he would work with them again or see them after the assaults, he would taunt them, triggering them and making them frightened and uncomfortable. He raped one of his victims, a Muslim woman named Tara Sidnana, while they were staying in a hotel for work. Tara made a complaint, but the airline company said she wouldn't have to work with him again and to keep quiet.

Eventually, Tara was assigned to the same flight as Carter after six months. He taunted Tara and then briefly left the cockpit. Terrified and uncomfortable, Tara attempted to make a landing at John F. Kennedy Airport, but the nature of her actions caused the passengers to believe she was about to commit a terrorist attack. As a result, Carter and some of the other passengers got Tara out of the cockpit before Carter retook control of the plane, leading everyone to believe Tara was a terrorist and Carter was a hero.

When the airline was set to have her arrested, Tara admitted to being raped, causing the Special Victims Unit to be called in. Before they could question Carter, however, they learned he was not in New York. They investigated further before his return and learned he was going to attend an interview with The Today Show. After he landed to a round of applause, Carter was arrested by the SVU for sexual assault. The detectives eventually discovered Jeanne Howell, the only other female copilot working in Optimum Air, left after being promoted. They visited her at her new job, and she told them Logan raped her, giving them leeway at imprisoning Carter. (SVU: "Flight Risk")

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