CI, Episode 7.04
Production number: CI7006
First aired: 25 October 2007
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Noah Brezner
Teleplay By
Jacquelyn Reingold

Story By
Jacquelyn Reingold, Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Constantine Makris


When a beautiful Urkrainian blonde is murdered and tied with special knots, Logan and Falacci follow the path to a lonesome writer who was caught up with two bombshells, one that left the scene the night the other was murdered and who seems to be the attorney of the potential suspect, the writer's ex-wife.


The Ukrainian blonde was killed to set up a writer, Noah Brezner, so as to blackmail him for $200,000. At first suspicion falls upon the abusive boyfriend but his alibi checks out. They follow a trail of blackmailed men to Tammy Mills. From prison, Noah Brezner calls Tammy to tell the police the truth to free him but she hangs up on him, leaving him in tears and confused. He kills himself in his prison cell. The police eventually find a trail leading from Tammy to one Leanne Baker who happens to also be Tammy's disgraced lawyer. They turn the tables on Leanne by turning Tammy against her and explaining how Noah loved her because Tammy was his muse and he left her a sad suicide note asking why she betrayed him. Tammy realizes she means nothing to Leanne and decides to testify against her.


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References, Lonelyville (book), Deathscam, Kinbaku


"Married but so lonely"? That's half of New Jersey!

–Captain Ross

Tammy Mills: Why did you have to kill Anya? She was so nice!
Leanne Baker: She was a whore!

Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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