Law and Order
Law and Order
SVU, Episode 8.13
Production number: 08012
First aired: 6 February 2007
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Written By
Jonathan Greene

Directed By
David Platt

An anonymous tip that appears to concern child pornography instead leads the detectives at the Special Victims Unit to an apartment complex in which pesticides are being tested on children.


Stabler ends up out of commission after a perpetrator high on PCP throws him through a window at the station, so Benson teams up with Munch and Tutuola to investigate a mysterious packet of photos. The photographs lead them to both a suspected child pornographer and a junkie burglar, but after Benson takes ill during the investigation, the team realizes that there is more than child pornography at stake as their investigation soon reveals that Seth Millstead wasn't into little boys at all, but had been using the tenants of the apartment building in an experiment for a new pesticide.


As Tutuola and Stabler attempt to arrest Cupid, a kid, Taylor, steps out of the elevator with an envelope addressed to the Special Victims Unit only to be knocked out against the wall. Tutuola yells for Munch to help Taylor. Munch suggests they shoot Cupid before checking on the unconscious boy. Cupid breaks away from Tutuola and Stabler before throwing a uniform officer towards them. When he heads towards Cragen and Benson with a bench, Cragen warns two uniforms Cupid is high on PCP giving them just enough time to move before the bench is launched their way. Stabler hits Cupid in the head with the fire extinguisher to try to stop him. Cupid throws him through the window before grabbing a chair and slinging it towards Tutuola and into another window. Benson returns from the squad room with a taser. She informs him Barbie is gone as she aims towards his abdomen. He warns Benson not to make him hurt her before she gives her final warning. He believes Benson is jealous of Barbie's beauty. When he raises the chair, she zaps him to his knees. When she stops, he pulls off the leads and begins to get up only to be stopped by Tutuola hitting him in the head with a chair. As uniform officers rush to get the cuffs on Cupid, Cragen and Benson check on Stabler. Cragen notes he has a deep cut in his arm. Benson has someone to notify EMS that an officer is down.

As Stabler is being wheeled out on a gurney by EMS with Benson at his side, Cragen is informed they are being taken to Bellevue and Benson is going with him. Once they leave, Cragen notices the envelope on the floor. Tutuola informs him the kid was carrying it. Inside they find pictures of a little boy in his underwear and a note with a memory card attached to it asking them to put the guy away.

In the hospital, the doctor warns Stabler that his arm will be numb after the slight pinch from the needle. Stabler informs him his arm is already numb, but is proven wrong when he feels the pinch. Cragen approaches him asking how he is feeling. When he replies that he feels like a million bucks, Benson adds it happens when you get hit by a bus. Cragen informs him Cupid is in the prison ward in steel restraints. The doctor tells them Stabler's radial nerve was almost severed. Stabler assures him he will be ready for work, but the doctor tells him he has to wait until the feeling comes back in his arm and hands. Cragen informs Stabler he is on desk duty and he would rather lose him for a few weeks than attend his retirement party. Benson tells Stabler Tutuola is talking with Taylor.

From his hospital bed, Taylor asks Tutuola what happened. Tutuola tells him he picked the wrong time to get off the elevator explaining a guy in a PCP rage took him out. After explaining where he was, Taylor remembers the envelope. Tutuola assures him he got the envelope. Taylor explains a guy on the street wearing shades and a winter jacket with the hood up gave him $50 to deliver it. He was told the money was all he needed for an explanation. He pulls the bill from his pocket saying he knew it was too good to be true.

In the squad room, Benson informs Cragen the bill was too beat up for prints. Tutuola adds the only prints on the envelope were his, Munch's, and Taylor's. There was no DNA. Benson adds the only other fingerprints were on the pictures, but they were not in the system. She believes the tipster's fingerprints are in the system. Cragen figures that is why he wants to go undetected, but wonders why he did not give the perp’s name. Tutuola guesses he is afraid of him, like a previous victim. Benson suggests the perp is a member of the victim’s family and the tipster is as well. Cragen wonders if the tipster edited out the worst of the pictures. Benson explains that they used digital image recovery software in Computer Crimes to restore erased files so maybe it would work on the memory card.

Morales informs Benson and Tutuola he was able to locate JPEG files on the memory card, but the pictures were of one door from various angles. As they look at the images blown up, Benson notices writing on a truck that passes the glass door. After flipping the image and clearing it up, it reads "Empoli Bakery". Morales checks the EXIF data to find out when the picture was taken and by what kind of camera. The pictures were taken with a Photo Pro 600 camera. The truck passed by at 1:46 the previous Tuesday.

As Tutuola was going through the driver's route in the Empoli Bakery truck with him, the driver turns onto a dangerous block. The driver explains he would not have gone that way, but a water main broke the day in question forcing him to take the route to Columbia Presbyterian. When Tutuola has him pull over, he tells him to help himself to a snack. Tutuola gets off the truck carrying two doughnuts while Benson gets out of the car behind them. He offers her one, but she declines. A little boy, Kevin, notices the exchange and asks for the doughnut. Tutuola gladly gives him one causing "the wax man" to question the reason for it. When Benson shows her badge, he decides to drop it. Tutuola notes it is raining and ushers everyone inside. "The wax man" believes they are there about the break-ins, but they do not correct him. He explains the building has had 3 break-ins in the past month. When Benson asks about the most recent one, he wonders why she does not already know about the one a few nights prior. Tutuola explains they were too busy eating to find out the information. "The wax man" informs them the super is Seth Millstead. His apartment is in the basement and was the most recent one to be robbed.

In Millstead's apartment while Benson is on the phone, Millstead wonders if the police communicate because he denies the break-in ever occurred. Tutuola informs him the door and "the wax man" say otherwise. When Millstead claims "the wax man" is too strung out to know anything, Tutuola request permission to look around which Millstead grants as Benson ends her call. Benson explains that two patrol cars were sent after a call was received about a break-in to his apartment. He explains he told the other cops that he locked his keys in the apartment and it is cheaper to break in and fix the door rather than call a locksmith. Tutuola interrupts them saying he understands Millstead’s reasoning asking him to call with any more problems.

Once outside the door. Benson questions why he pulled her out. Tutuola explains Millstead is lying and they do not have a warrant for his digital camera, which is the same make and model as the one that took the pictures. He believes the person who broke in got more than they bargained for. Benson realizes they have a burglar with a conscience.

As he and Tutuola walk into his office, Cragen explains he does not believe a burglar would risk prison time to be a Good Samaritan. Tutuola reminds him they did not find prints or DNA on the envelope or pictures. He suspects the perp stopped four blocks away to look at the things he stole. When he found the kiddie porn, he decided to call it in. When Cragen still sounds doubtful, Tutuola reminds him burglars do not necessarily like kiddie porn. When they arrive at the board in the squad room, Cragen questions why the guy reported his crime. Tutuola guesses he wanted to make sure they were able to link the kiddie porn to the right person. Cragen tells him the guy should have given him the address because it was through luck that they found it. Cragen reminds them the guy could not have known the pictures of the door were on the card causing them to wonder why the pictures were taken. Benson explains the landlord was looking at fines because of the ten break-ins in the building within the year because of the lack of a front door. The pictures were taken to prove to the city that the door was installed. When Benson informs them Millstead does not have any priors, Tutuola reminds them he has not been caught yet. Cragen asks Munch as he joins them if the kid in the pictures lives in the building. Munch informs them his name is Diego Benitez from A-6. Munch explains he was late because he was showing the picture of Diego to the local elementary school principal. His emergency contact is his mother who is probably serving lunch.

At Tenerio's Café, Benson asks Jennifer Benitez to step down so they can speak about Diego. Benson explains they believe he may have been sexually abused. She explains the only ones he is around are his teacher and the guy who watches him while she works her other job, but she does not believe they would hurt him. When she tells him she will talk to him, Benson explains it is best that they speak with him. She assures them she will get him far away from whoever is hurting him and she will get him help. Benson shows her the pictures of Diego saying they could already be on the internet. The best way to handle it is to arrest the guy. She hands the pictures back to Benson saying she has to go. Tutuola notes something has her spooked. Benson thinks she knows it is Millstead and is afraid of him. Tutuola thinks she may be sleeping with Millstead and is trying to protect him. Tutuola reminds her they did not get permission to talk to Diego. Benson suggests they look for the 911 caller. Munch should have the tape.

In the squad room, Munch plays the tape of the call for Benson and Tutuola. They realize the caller is "the wax man". In the interrogation room, "the wax man" will not stop cleaning his ears causing Tutuola to ask him to stop. "The wax man" explains he has a cerumen problem causing him to produce too much earwax which will clog his auditory canals if he does not keep cleaning his ears. Munch tells him he needs a hearing test before playing the tape of the 911 call. "The wax man" tells him he is not deaf. Tutuola points out the tape is of him talking to the police. "The wax man" claims he was being a good citizen. When he claims he heard the burglary in the basement because he was home, they remind him there are 5 slabs of concrete between his apartment and Millstead’s. He claims he was having a good ear day.

Watching the interview from his office, Cragen asks Benson where they found this guy. She explains he was hanging around the front of Millstead's building. His real name is Raymond Nesbit. He has a long arrest record for heroin possession. He is on parole after doing 2-1/2 at Fulton for Burglary Two. Cragen figures old habits die hard.

As the interrogation continues, Nesbit explains he watches Diego after school while his mother works. When Tutuola asks if he is into little boys, Nesbit tells him not to pin any kiddie-diddling on him causing Munch to question if Diego confided in him about being abused. Nesbit denies saying that. Tutuola tells him they do not speak his "dialect of crazy" asking him to talk to him straight. Nesbit affirms Diego told him Millstead took pictures of him in his underwear. When they show him the pictures from the envelope, Nesbit wonders where they got them. They explain a messenger dropped them off and they believe it was the same guy who broke into Millstead's apartment. Nesbit believes the guy should keep his mouth shut unless he is able to walk on other crimes he committed.

In his office, Cragen informs Novak that Nesbit committed 10 burglaries in the building since he returned from prison a year prior. A crowbar was used to gain access to all 10 apartments and nothing was taken but cash. Benson suspects it was to feed his heroin habit causing Novak to say that makes it alright. She wants him arrested for his parole violation and sent back to prison. She wants to get a statement from the victim. Benson reminds her they cannot get parental consent to talk to him. Cragen informs her Nesbit is the only one who can testify that kiddie porn was found in Millstead's apartment, but he will not testify unless they cut him a deal. Novak wonders what would happen if he commits an assault after they let him go and the media finds out they had him proving her point. Novak offers to let him walk on the Millstead burglary only if he confesses to taking the kiddie porn. Cragen does not believe he will go for it. Tutuola tells her they need to get a warrant for Millstead's apartment. Novak tells them they need something besides the camera. Benson reminds them the memory card has images of Diego and the front door. Novak agrees to try Judge Ahearn since she has a kid the same age as Diego. Millstead's door is forced open as an officer announces they have a search warrant. Benson approaches Millstead announcing he is under arrest for possession of child porn with Tutuola by her side. Tutuola tells him it is about him rewriting history and lying about a break-in. When Benson tells him of the pictures of a boy in his underwear, Millstead notes it does not sound like any child porn he has heard of.

Novak shows the judge the pictures claiming it is child porn. Chauncey Zeirko, Millstead's attorney, claims there are no genitals or a sex act being performed. When Novak scoffs at the implication they are only family photos, Zeirko shows her a picture of his 4-year-old daughter in a two-piece questioning if it is child porn. She explains if he sells it to a pedophile, then it is. Novak argues Justice Stewart said he would know child porn if he saw it, even if he could not define it. She then sites US v. Dost saying they must consider what the child is wearing and the intent of the image. Zeirko adds they must also consider if the child is naked or performing a sex act, which he believes Diego in the photos was not. The Judge explains he is not letting Millstead off without researching Novak's points promising a ruling the following day. He adds she needs a statement from the victim for the search warrant to stick.

Benson arrives at the Benitez apartment. When she informs her of Millstead's arrest, Jennifer wonders if he believes she talked. Benson assures her she does not need to worry that he will report her illegal status. She explains she knows Jennifer's green card expired the year prior. She pleads with Benson not to send them back to Honduras adding Diego was born here. Benson explains she is there to help Diego. Jennifer allows her to enter her home where she sees a tired Diego sitting on the couch. After she introduces herself, she shows Diego the pictures of him and asks if he has seen them. He denies seeing them or knowing who took them. Benson takes her coat off after suddenly becoming hot due to the heat. Diego does not remember if anyone asked him to pose for the picture. Jennifer notices Benson is not acting right and shows concern for her well-being by offering to get her some water. Once she is out of the room, Benson turns her attention back to Diego to find him unconscious. When she gets up, she is dizzy and her vision is blurred. Suddenly she hears glass breaking in the kitchen causing her to check it out. When she sees Jennifer on the floor, she moves her to the other room. She locates a window and breaks it to vent the apartment before carrying Diego and Jennifer out. She yells for help telling tenants to call for help and to get everyone out of the building before collapsing against the wall.

Cragen arrives on the scene recounting to Tutuola he knows of 12 victims, including Jennifer, Diego, and Benson. Tutuola explains the other victims occupied two other apartments. Patrol evacuated the building. Hazmat is ready to go in. Emergency Services is looking for any other victims. When Cragen asks about the condition of the victims, Tutuola informs him Benson is the only one not at the ER. They make their way to the ambulance where Benson is telling EMS she does not need to go to the hospital, but is reminded they do not know what made her pass out. Cragen and Tutuola interrupt them only to be told she is refusing medical treatment. Cragen assures him Benson would not violate procedure by not going. When she attempts to convince him she does not need to go, Cragen tells him to restrain her if he has to in order to take her. Tutuola informs Cragen the Red Cross is setting up a temporary shelter for the evacuated tenants at a school around the corner. O'Halloran informs them Benson's actions stopped more people from getting sick before asking about her.

As Benson is being wheeled into the ER, she hears a girl from the building screaming her desire to go home. She is told of the other two families effected being exposed longer to the poisonous vapors in the apartment.

O’Halloran informs Cragen and Tutuola the gas sniffer he will be using should tell them the poison they are dealing with. When he comments it is standard for the War on Terror, Cragen wonders if they located a terrorist lab. With his first stop being the basement, O'Halloran explains TARU has him hooked up to audio and video with a monitor next to the Hazmat truck so they can watch.After the doctor orders a blood gas and a tox screen, she orders oxygen causing Benson to wonder why she needs it. She is only told it is to bring up her oxygen saturation. As a nurse is working on her, Benson notices Diego being wheeled out on a gurney and questions his whereabouts. The nurse explains he is going to Pediatrics.

O’Halloran informs Cragen he is getting a reading for VOC (volatile organic compounds). He explains there are VOCs in paint thinner, gasoline, benzine, and old floor wax. He is called over to a 95-gallon overpack container, which is designed to transport 55-gallon barrels leaking chemicals and are used for nuclear waste. The container does not have any markings to tell them what is in it, but the PID tells them it is organophosphates.

The doctor informs Benson that her blood work shows she has half of the cholinesterase she should have. It is an enzyme that helps regulate the nervous system. The levels drop when you have been exposed to organophosphates. She explains she will give her a shot of atropine, which is an antedote. She should be better in 24 hours. Benson is told is told she must stay overnight in hopes they can find out which one made her sick.

O'Halloran tells Cragen the PID is reading the organophosphate as unknown therefore they must notify the EPA, the Terrorism Task Force, and Homeland Security. Cragen wonders if there is a sleeper cell in the building. O'Halloran informs him the terrorists in the Tokyo subway attacks in '95 used Sarin gas, one of the deadliest organophosphates. Tutuola realizes they are talking about nerve gas. O'Halloran decides to leave the container alone and check the individual apartments.

In the hospital, Benson wakes up to Jennifer standing next to the gurney. Jennifer explains she was told Benson saved them. She explains the doctors ran some tests on Diego and found cancer in his blood. The doctors do not know what caused the cancer.

O’Halloran explains to Tutuola and Cragen they found the organophosphate on the heaters in all 3 apartments. He guesses it must have been sprayed in the apartments and the heat from the heaters sent it into the air. They do not know why the other apartments were not in the same condition. Tutuola needs to talk to Millstead.

At Rikers Island's front desk, Officer Bates questions if Tutuola needs to speak with Millstead. When it is confirmed, Bates calls his supervisor before telling Tutuola he will have to wait. He wonders if Millstead needs time to pretty himself first. Zeirko arrives wondering why Tutuola is there. Tutuola explains he is there to see Millstead. Zeirko believes Rikers called Tutuola before calling him. As they make their way to Millstead, Zeirko explains that during Millstead's daily exercise in the yard there was a pile-up. When the guards got everyone off of Millstead, there was a sharpened toothbrush sticking out of his rib cage. Zeirko tells him they have about a dozen suspects. As they pull the sheet from Millstead's dead body, Tutuola comments, "It could not have happened to a nicer guy."

In Cragen's office as he puts his roll-a-way bed away, Tutuola tells him of the attack on Millstead. The weapon hit Millstead's ascending aorta only allowing a minute before death. Cragen notes their only lead on the toxin died with Millstead before explaining Homeland Security and the FBI took over the case adding they want Millstead’s kiddie porn as well. Benson arrives questioning whether they are giving up. When she informs them she is wearing scrubs because Hazmat confiscated her clothes, Cragen tells her she could have gone home. She informs him she is not going home until she finds out what happened to her. Cragen explains they may not have that information for days and their role in the case is over. Munch interrupts telling them they should see what was found in Millstead's apartment first.

In the squad room, the team watches a tape of Millstead talking to Diego. He asks him to remember 3 words before talking to him about school, which he is struggling. Munch explains the mini DV tapes were found under a floorboard in Millstead's apartment. When Novak tells him she does not need to see the boy being abused on camera, Munch assures her it is G-rated before continuing the tape. Before allowing him to go, Millstead asks for the words. Even though Diego repeats the wrong ones, Millstead tells him he did good. Munch tells them they have over 200 sessions of Diego and the other kids at the hospital. Munch informs them Millstead was getting quarterly checks from EHD Associates. He explains the company does research for chemical companies, but the offices and bank accounts disappeared two days prior. He explains the chemical in the basement is an experimental pesticide that EHD Associates is paying Millstead to test it on the kids in the building and the tapes are evidence of the long-term effects on the kids. When Tutuola tells him the thought is out there even for him, Munch points out that Millstead was listed as a consultant with the company.

In the morgue, Warner tells Tutuola and Benson Munch is not crazy. She explains it would not be the first time a company poisoned people. She explains the government tried to pay poor families in Jacksonville, Florida to videotape the effects of pesticides on their children. The only reason they stopped was because of public protest and their own scientists. The EPA prohibits all testing on pregnant women and children. Companies get around this by using Observational Testing. If you spray for bugs, they can observe how the chemical effects them. She believes the pictures are proof of toxicity to show any rashes on the skin. When Benson questions what pesticide they are talking about, Warner explains the company has to submit all data to the EPA for final approval.

While standing outside the building watching the removal of the 95-gallon container, the EPA representative explains to Tutuola and Benson that they do not know what the chemical is because they do not deal with the companies until the have all of their data ready for approval. Benson reminds him the only reason the study was not completed was because kids almost died. He assures them the EPA's hands are clean on this causing Tutuola to slam him into the car. When Tutuola reminds him of CHEERS, he explains they only used people who were already using the stuff, which are the poor. Benson tells him the chemical companies seem to be allowed to do whatever they want, but he corrects her saying they have to follow certain rules and guidelines. She does not believe the company asked for permission before exposing the families to the pesticide. He assures her the company would not open themselves to a multi-million dollar lawsuit by not getting permission.

In Diego's hospital room, Benson questions if Jennifer signed a form giving them permission to spray the apartment. Jennifer explains Millstead told her she would get $100 every few months if she signed the form to allow Millstead to spray the drug in the apartment. Benson verifies she was told it was a drug instead of a poison or a pesticide. Jennifer confirms Millstead told her it was safe. Benson assures her it was not her fault because she did not know, but Millstead probably did. Jennifer tells her Diego needs chemotherapy, but she does not have medical insurance or money to pay for it. Jennifer confirms Millstead gave her a copy of the form she signed. It is in her apartment. In the Benitez apartment, Tutuola believes the EPA should clean up the apartment before they come home. Benson finds the form and begins reading over it. She understands why Jennifer did not understand it when she is having a hard time reading the legalese. She reads a portion that basically says EHD Associates cannot be held responsible for anything before turning a few pages to add Danforth Chemical, the contracting company, cannot be held responsible. Tutuola notes the big company contracted their dirty work out to the lowest bidder. Benson states she would not let a Fortune 500 company get away with this.

At Danforth Chemical, Benson meets Charley Moss, attorney for Danforth Chemical, instead of the CEO of the company, Mr. Roger Hanley. When Moss claims Hanley is too busy to speak with her, Benson suggests Hanley does not have the guts to deal with her himself. After introducing herself and producing her badge, she informs him the poison sprayed almost killed her. Moss reminds her she used her position for personal business meaning she entered the building under false pretenses. She explains 11 others were also poisoned and she is there to find out what with. Moss tells her he cannot help her without a subpoena and suggests she leave the building. When the security guard tries to escort her out, she warns him she will arrest him for assaulting a cop if he touches her again. Moss instructs her to leave before he calls the police to have her arrested for trespassing causing her to finally leave.

Novak tries to persuade Benson to hire a civil attorney to settle the matter with Danforth Chemical. Benson assures her that the fight is not about money. Novak explains Moss called the District Attorney about her abusing her power and her being on the case is a conflict of interest. Benson defends herself saying Danforth Chemical abused their power when they committed 12 counts of Assault Two. Novak reminds her the case is not an SVU case. Novak interrupts Benson's recitation of the legal definition of the charge to inform her she will have to prove intent. Benson reminds her they treated the people like lab rats adding she wants to stick it to the EPA. Novak quickly informs her federal agencies have blanket immunity. Benson wonders whom they hold accountable for Diego's follicular lymphoma. Novak tells her if she were thinking like a cop, instead of a victim, she would realize it is not that simple. Benson believes it is no different from Tuskegee or Willowbrook. Novak clarifies Millstead was the one who sprayed the poison and he is dead before adding if she wants to charge Danforth Chemical she has to prove their chemical caused Diego’s cancer.

Warner informs Benson she cannot testify the chemical caused Diego's cancer because it is impossible to prove. Diego is the only one with cancer. The children were exposed to the chemical for two years, as well as asbestos, lead paint, cockroach and rodent droppings. The cancer could be caused by any of them, combination of them, or none of them. Cancer comes from genetics and environment. Warner adds she still would not be able to testify if they found 10 people in the building with the cancer.

As Benson concentrates on her computer screen just before midnight, Stabler arrives explaining he could not stay away for the required two weeks so he came when Cragen would not be there. When she agrees with the feeling, he verifies Cragen ripped her for her visit at Danforth Chemical. He reminds her he has spies everywhere. When he questions if she should be doing this to herself, she wonders if he thinks she should give up as well. He tries to explain he thinks it is great she is passionate about it, but is interrupted when she tells him it is easy to be passionate when you are a victim. He is glad she admits to being a victim. He reminds her she tells victims to get help, but she is not following her own advice. She explains if she hires a lawyer, Danforth Chemical will bury her in paperwork for the next ten years and Diego could be dead by then. She adds that she cannot find out what made them sick because it is proprietary information. Stabler advises her that “Sometimes the only way to beat someone in a dirty fight is to get right down into the gutter with them.

Morales is astonished at what Benson asks him to do. She begs him not to ask her to repeat herself. When he wonders why she cannot do it herself considering she worked in Computer Crimes, she explains she was not there long enough to learn. He tells her he never thought she would break the law. She says she is desperate because she got nowhere playing fair and she needs the information to get the subpoena. He questions whether it is worth losing their jobs and going to prison. She believes it is because it will prove a big chemical company is intentionally poisoning little kids. She assures him there will be no hard feelings if he decides not to help her.

In the men's room at Danforth Chemical, Benson balances Morales's laptop on her knees at the same time she is balancing on her feet on a toilet in one of the stalls. When she questions their location, Morales explains he needed a signal and no one can see them in there. Once he has hacked into their system, Benson explains they need the names of any experimental pesticides in the testing stage. The computer beeps alerting them to Danforth's Wireless Intrusion Detection System. Morales explains it will get louder the closer they get to locating them. While there are no pesticides in the testing stage, there is one awaiting EPA approval, zilithion. He shuts the computer, grabs his bag, and leaves. When Benson gets out of her position and begins to leave, two security guards come in. She tells them she thought it was the ladies' room and leaves.

Munch and Benson make their way into Hanley's meeting despite his receptionist’s protests. As Benson handcuffs Hanley, she explains he is under arrest for 12 counts of assault with zilithion. Hanley tells them he is not a criminal. Munch tells him what his company does to kids is criminal.

At the precinct, Munch takes Hanley’s mug shot. Munch tells Hanley he is done, but is told they are all done when Moss gets there. Munch tells him that until Moss gets there, he can stay in the "prisoner lounge". When he requests preferential treatment, Munch scoffs at giving special treatment to a plutocrat adding they would all lose their jobs. Moss arrives telling Munch they will lose them anyway before asking about Hanley's well-being. Hanley asks him to get him out of there, but Moss informs him they need to get rid of the media circus the detectives called. Benson walks up behind him denying they did saying it is against department policy. Munch tells Moss anyone could have called them because the place has more leaks than a 100-year-old water main. Moss demands to see Novak.

Novak arrives to the interrogation room with Benson. Moss tells them to enjoy their practical joke because it is about to explode in their faces. She tells him the only thing bursting is his bubble. When Moss tries to say he will talk to the DA, Novak informs him the DA approved everything including Hanley’s arrest. Hanley denies assaulting anyone. Benson tells him he assaulted her and 11 others with zilithion. Moss assures them they had signed releases. Benson holds up Jennifer’s copy saying it is a pile of crap that refers to the pesticide as a drug. Hanley claims his company did not do anything wrong causing Benson to question if he even cares about poisoning little kids. Novak reminds them they did not get permission from the foster family with the three mentally handicapped kids. Hanley tells her it was legal. Benson explains they slithered through a loophole in the EPA regulations and used the kids as lab rats. Moss does not believe they can prove Hanley had direct knowledge of any of it. Novak tells him her subpoena to his IT department will not turn up any incriminating emails if he did not know about it. When she notices the worried look on Hanley’s face, she assures him he will go to jail. Benson shows him a picture of Diego and informs him he has cancer after breathing his nerve gas for two years. Novak tells him he will pay lifetime medical expanses for him and every other tenant in the building. In return, they will drop all charges, blame everything on the research company, and will announce publicly they are cooperating with their investigation. Benson adds the media circus will go away. When Novak tells them the offer has a half-life of ten seconds, Hanley agrees.

In Mercy General's play room, Benson explains that Jennifer will have to sign an agreement to never tell anyone what happened. Jennifer agrees stating she can take care of her son now. She notes Diego looks like his father and she hopes he can be strong like him. Benson assures her he will be because he has a strong mother. Benson turns to leave, but is stopped by Jennifer wanting Diego to say goodbye. Benson wants him to play.


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  • (Elliot hits Cupid in the back of the head with a fire extingisher, but he just rubs his head)
  • Cupid: How dare you hit the erotic god of love!
  • (Cupid throws Elliot through a window)

  • (Olivia tases Cupid, but he still keeps going)
  • Cupid: Barbie, I love you, your my...!
  • (Fin hits Cupid over the head from behind with a chair, finally knocking him out)

  • Fin [to the "Wax Man"]: We don't speak your dialect of crazy.

  • Dr. Warner: No, this time Munch isn't crazy.

  • Fin Tutuola: (to Munch] Leave it to the "Prince of Paranoia" to take it up a notch. That's way out there, even for you.

  • TARU Tech Morales (when Olivia asks him to illegally obtain information): You want me to what?!
  • Olivia Benson: Please don't make me ask you again.

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  • In the scene where Benson is pulling Jennifer Benitez from the kitchen, someone can be seen moving out of camera range in the back bedroom.

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