Lorraine Franchella
Name Lorraine Franchella
Occupation Former surgeon
Pathology Robber
Status Alive
Actor Janel Moloney
First Appearance "Dare"

Dr. Lorraine Franchella was a former surgeon and a criminal who stole several deceased children's organs, harvesting them for sick children who needed an organ donor.


Franchella eventually performed surgery on a thirteen-year-old girl who was found unconscious after falling from bleachers at a recreation center. After the girl died, Franchella stole her organs and sent them to a man to give to a dying, sick boy. This is discovered by the girl's parents, who demand her to be charged. Though she was ultimately not charged with a crime, Franchella got her medical license revoked. In the end, the boy who Lorraine was trying to save passed away due to not receiving the deceased girl's organs in time. (SVU: "Dare")

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