"Lost Boys"
L&O, Episode 19.03
Production number: 190--
First aired: 18 November 2008
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Cutter Rubirosa Michelle Landon
Written By
Richard Sweren & Gina Gionfriddo

Directed By
Chris Zalla


Three teenage boys from a non-mainstream Mormon religious group, located in rural Arizona - visiting New York City via Mormon founder Joseph Smith's hometown of Palmyra, New York - are questioned regarding a crime committed in a New York City park. The unusual interrogations lead Detectives Cyrus Lupo and Kevin Bernard to question the group's prophet, Wyatt Landon, in Palmyra, NY.

Issues of state jurisdiction - in this case, between New York and Arizona - complicate an already complex trial, which deals with issues of religious freedom, polygamy (which puts DA Jack McCoy at odds with ADA Connie Rubirosa and ADA Michael Cutter), child wives, child abandonment, and threats of spousal abuse.


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Church of the True Path; Boyd Canyon; Palmyra; Greentree County; Arizona



Background information and notes

Background information and notes

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