Louis Pappas
Name Louis Pappas
Title Lou
Occupation Pimp
Sex trafficker
Pathology Serial proxy rapist
Serial assailant
Sex trafficker
Family Michael Pappas (son)
Unborn grandchild (deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Alon Aboutboul
First Appearance "Acceptable Loss"

Louis "Lou" Pappas was a pimp and sex trafficker, who ran a sex trafficking service with his son Mikey.

Pappas would go to foreign countries and force young women into prostitution. When they weren't working, he would beat the prostitutes and have Mikey rape them on a nightly basis. Mikey would eventually impregnate one of them, prompting Lou to beat her to death and then dumping her body in a lake. (SVU: "Acceptable Loss")

Known Victims

  • Numerous unnamed prostitutes (all beaten and raped by Mikey under Lou's orders)
  • Pilar Morenas (beaten and raped by Mikey under Lou's orders)
  • Anna (beaten and raped by Mikey under Lou's orders)
  • Unnamed prostitute (beaten to death)
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