Louis Priatti
Name Louis Priatti
Affiliation United States Army
Occupation Solider
Pathology Accomplice to proxy rape
Family Ralph Priatti (brother)
Status Unknown
Actor Kam Dabrowski
First Appearance "Traumatic Wound"

Louis Priatti is a U.S. Army solider who filmed a student named Gabby Shaw while she was being gang-raped at a concert.


After coming home from the war, Louis is told by his younger brother Ralph that a fellow student of his, named Alex Peters, is going to pay him $500 to prank Gabby Shaw by pulling her top down at a rock concert. He then asks him to videotape Shaw when Ralph pulled her shirt down, and he agrees because he wanted to help his brother make money. On the night of the concert, Louis films Shaw while she was dancing with Jake Swenders. When his brother pulls her shirt down and pushes her into a crowd of drunk and aggressive men, she is viciously gang-raped by the crowd, which Louis also catches on video. After the concert, Louis gives the video of Shaw's assault to Peters, Britt Yardley, and Swenders ,who then upload the video on their school website to further humiliate Shaw. As a result, half of the school knew what Peters and his friends did to Shaw, but none of them reveal it to the detectives.

Later on, when Nick Amaro and Odafin Tutuola question Louis about what happened at the concert, he claims that he wasn't there. When the detectives show a picture of him and his brother leaving, he eventually confesses but claims that he didn't know Shaw was going to be gang-raped and says that he was only following orders. Amaro berates him, telling him that the soldiers he worked with knew the difference between right and wrong and would have tried to stop what happened to Shaw. Louis then reveals what they did with the video, and when the detectives find it and use it as evidence, Peters, Yardley, and Swenders plead guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated sexual assault. (SVU: "Traumatic Wound")