SVU, Episode 5.20
Production number: E4424
First aired: 6 April 2004
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Huang Benson Lowdown
Written By
Robert Nathan

Directed By
Jud Taylor


Benson's former boyfriend Jeffery York is murdered and it is ultimately revealed that he is gay and had HIV. His partner was an ADA named Andy and Andy tries to get out of the murder conviction. Novak illegally informs Andy's wife of his affair and the fact that he may have HIV as she believes that his wife deserves to know so she could get checked with Casey saying if it was her, she'd want someone to tell her. Novak faces disciplinary action for her actions but she still feels she did the right thing. Novak goes to Andy's wife to apologize and explain herself and the wife reveals she got tested and does have HIV and is trying to figure out how to tell her kids that. Andy's wife approaches him with Novak and while his attorney is angered believing Novak is badgering her, Andy's wife invited her there. She tells Andy about her HIV and how she can forgive him for some things but can't forgive him for the rest if he doesn't own up to what he did. Andy confesses saying Jeff wanted him to leave his family, but he loved them too much to do that. He agrees to first-degree manslaughter and his attorney tells Novak that he'll drop the disciplinary action without even being asked.


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AIDS, HIV, The Down-Low


Odafin Tutuola: It's different for black men. They go out, have sex with other men, then come home, have sex with their woman, and pretend they're straight. (Benson, Cragen, and Stabler look at him) Don't look at me, I just know stuff.

Elliot: You ok?

Olivia: Yeah, I…

Elliot: You know, if you slept with Jeff, you might wanna get…

Olivia: I know, I know; I'm gonna get tested.

Elliot: You don’t want the results in the departmental records, so be sure to go to an anonymous clinic. Ok?

Olivia: I know, like Jeff did.

Elliot: Look, you want me to go with you?

Olivia: No, I’ll be fine. Let’s just focus on the case.

Melinda Warner: I tested Jeff York's blood, high viral load. When did you two date?

Olivia: Five years ago. We only slept together once, and we used protection.

Melinda: Condoms are effective, not perfect. It only takes once.

Olivia: I know; I'm gonna get tested. I just haven't had time.

Melinda: Why don’t we do it here? Right now.

Olivia: Melinda. I’ll do it.

Melinda: Olivia, how many rape-victims have you told to get tested?

Olivia: All of them.

Melinda: Would you tell them it’s alright to wait?

Olivia (long pause): Ok.

Melinda: Sit down and roll up your sleeve. No paperwork; I’ll do it myself.

Olivia: Could Jeff have been HIV positive back then?

George Huang: Yes, but your risk of exposure is very low.

Olivia: How could I have missed this?

George: Liv, you're not the first woman to sleep with a closeted man.

Olivia: Maybe he didn’t know, I’d…

George: Sexuality is very complicated. Just because he was gay, doesn’t mean he wasn’t attracted to you.

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Background information and notes

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Perk's Café
4 West 36th Street
Thursday, March 11

Rikers Island
Thursday, March 11

Apartment of
Jeffery York
119 West 98th Street
Friday, March 12

Abbott Residence
735 Garfield Place
Park Slope, Brooklyn
Friday, March 12

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DuShawn McGovern
298 West 53rd Street
Monday, March 15

Office of
Jerome Adams
701 Third Avenue
Monday, March 15

Apartment of
DuShawn McGovern
151 Columbus Avenue
Monday, March 15

Law Office of
Mary Conway Clark
Wednesday, March 17

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