Lowell Harris
Lowell Harris
Name Lowell Harris
Occupation Former prison guard
Pathology Serial rapist
Sexual assailant
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Johnny Messner
First Appearance "Undercover"

Captain Lowell Harris was a prison guard at Sealview Corrections Facility and a prime suspect in the rapes of numerous prisoners.


Harris violated and took advantage of several prisoners at Sealview. When Olivia Benson went undercover in the facility to prove he raped Ashley Tyler and raped and murdered her mother Risa, Harris sexually assaulted her, which almost led to him raping and killing her. Detective Fin Tutuola, who was also working undercover, stopped him from advancing just as he was about to kill Benson. Later, during interrogation, the prison issued an attorney for him and got the charges dropped, since he was unaware that Benson was a cop. However, Ashley identified a mole on his penis, which she couldn't have possibly known unless he showed her, and which Benson was aware of from her own near-rape. Therefore, Harris was sentenced to life in prison for all the rapes, Ashley's mother's rape-murder, and the attempted murder of a police officer. (SVU: "Undercover")

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates:
    • A maximum of 42 unnamed female inmates (all raped)
    • Risa Tyler (raped; later strangled in 2008 and made her death look like a suicide)
  • 2008:
    • February 20-21: Ashley Tyler (Risa Tyler's daughter; raped)
    • February 26: Detective Olivia Benson (rubbed up against and sexually assaulted)
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