Lucas Biggs
Name Lucas Biggs
Affiliation Independent League
Occupation Baseball player
Baseball coach
Pathology Murderer
Serial child molester
Serial kidnapper
Serial harasser
Status Executed
Actor John Savage
First Appearance "Quarry"

Lucas Biggs was a serial child molester who was convicted of a kidnapping-murder in Virginia, and a suspect in the 1980 murder of Jeffrey Ronsen. A former minor league baseball player, he molested the boys from the Little League team he coached.

A week before Biggs' execution, Olivia Benson questioned him about Ronsen's death. Biggs denied killing or molesting Ronsen, and proved it by going through his collection of baseball caps that he kept as souvenirs from his victims; he identified each victim by their scent, but could not identify that given off by Ronsen's cap. (Benson eventually found that Ronsen was molested and murdered by Deacon Brinn, one of Biggs' victims who grew up to become a pedophile.)

During the interview with Benson, Biggs admits that he himself was molested as a child. He broke down and cried while admitting this, finally realizing the damage he had caused to so many children. Days later, he was executed.

Known Victims

  • Kidnapped and molested numerous unnamed victims prior to his imprisonment
  • Unknown date, Virginia: Unnamed boy (kidnapped; suffocated to death)
  • June 1, 1977, Tampa, Florida: Freddy Ruehl
  • October 17, 1979, Macon, Georgia: Randy Morgan
  • March 2, 1980, New York City, New York: Deacon Brinn
  • January 10, 1982, unknown location: Charlie Thomas
  • July 31, 1984, Bethesda, Maryland: Benny Giles
  • Unknown date, Charlotte, North Carolina: Larry Jones
  • Unknown date, Providence, Rhode Island: Scott Blevins
  • Other victims, first names only known with no other details revealed:
    • Marcus
    • Johnny
    • Drew
    • Kenny
    • Eli
    • Bobby
    • Jeremy
    • Johnny
    • Pete
    • Floyd
    • Joey
    • Neil
    • Patrick
    • Ethan
    • Effram
    • Zeke
    • Alex
    • Daniel
    • Lance
    • Jeremy
    • Eddie
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