Luka Terzik
Name Luka Terzik
Pathology Double murderer
Mass assailant
Cop killer
Mass shooter
Alleged rapist
Family Armin Sidran (half-brother)
Ana Kapic (fiancée)
Ali Kapic (nephew)
Status Deceased
Actor Tino Tsutras
First Appearance "Terrorized"

Luka Terzik was an Islamic homegrown terrorist who attempted a mass shooting at a dance-off event in Central Park. He was also a prime suspect in the rape and torture of his fiancée Ana Kapic, who was his accomplice in the Central Park shooting.

He was shot and killed by a responding police officer while trying to shoot SVU detectives and other officers. (SVU: "Terrorized")

Known Victims

  • July 28, 2016: The Central Park shooting:
    • Officer Tom Flannery (shot in the chest)
    • An unnamed man (shot in the chest; survived)
    • An unnamed victim (shot twice; survived)
    • Sophie Lewis (shot in the chest; died in the hospital on July 29-August 1)
    • An unnamed man (shot in the back; survived)
    • Lieutenant Olivia Benson (attempted)
    • Detective Odafin Tutuola (attempted)
    • Detective Dominick Carisi, Jr. (attempted)
    • Detective Amanda Rollins (attempted)
    • At least two unnamed police officers (attempted)
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