Law and Order
Law and Order
Luke Davis
Luke davis.jpg
Name Luke Davis
Affiliation U.S. Army
Occupation Soldier (former)
Pathology Murderer
Family Marcy Davis (wife)
Jenna Davis (daughter)
Neil Alexander (brother-in-law)
Jiya Alexander (sister-in-law)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jamie McShane
First Appearance "Decaying Morality"

Luke Davis is a former Army veteran, who murdered a man named Jerome Jones because he believed Jones had raped his daughter Jenna when in reality he was manipulated by the real rapist and his brother-in-law Neil Alexander.


After Jenna was brought to the hospital for being raped, Luke and his wife Marcy arrive at the hospital and meet sergeant Olivia Benson and are then joined by his brother-in-law Neil Alexander. When the detectives are questioning Jenna about her assault, Luke becomes upset as he listens. When Luke hears from Benson that their suspect Jones has been released due to little evidence, he becomes angry and Alexander gets him more worked up to the point where he decides to take the law into his won hands. Later on Davis kidnapped Jones, beats him, then gets a nail gun and threatens to shoot Jones in the groin unless he confessed to raping his daughter, all of which he recorded on video. Jones then confesses and as a result of his asthma and being tortured, died of a heart attack. Davis attempted CPR before calling the police, while allowing himself to be arrested and claims that he didn't mean to kill Jones. In court, the judge sets a high bail so Davis would remain incarcerated, much to the joy of Jones family.

When it is revealed that the sperm on Jenna's shirt wasn't a match to Jones, Marcy and Jenna visit him in prison and tell him that the police don't think Jones is the rapist, Luke then asks Jenna if Jones raped her but she tells him she isn't sure. When Jenna remembers that her uncle Alexander raped her, she is brought to a therapist, who Alexander recommended and then recants. After Jimmy MacArthur prints an article about how Alexander raped many young women and his victims come forward, detectives Dominick Carisi, Jr. and Odafin Tutuola visit Davis in jail. At first, Davis couldn't believe that Neil raped Jenna but after they explain that the main reason he murdered Jones was because Alexander got him angry knowing he had a temper and tell him about how Alexander's semen was found underneath Jenna's shirt, does he realize the truth. Davis begged them to get him out of jail, so he could stop his brother-in-law but they can't and tell him to contact his wife and daughter to come forward. The detectives them realize Alexander did rape Jenna. After Alexander is arrested for raping many girls, including Jenna, A.D.A. Rafael Barba allowed Davis to plead guilty to manslaughter, much to the disappointment of Jones's family. (SVU: Decaying Morality)