Luke Mitchell
Name Luke Mitchell
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial assailant
Status Imprisoned
Actor Eddie Kaye Thomas
First Appearance "Solving For The Unknowns"

Luke Mitchell is a serial rapist who assaulted his victims while they were under the influence of designer drugs.


Luke met his victims on dating apps. He also bought the drugs he used to incapacitate his victims from a bartender named Ash Gordon. When another young woman was raped by him, the Special Victims Unit was called in to investigate. When he was identified, Luke claimed his innocence, but it soon became clear that he was the rapist.

After being brought in when one of his victims had a stroke that left her brain-dead, Luke still claimed his innocence and said that the bartenders gave his dates strong drinks. However, after further investigation, the SVU discovered Luke and Ash were working together for Luke's benefit. As a result, Luke was sentenced to ten years in prison. (SVU: "Solving For The Unknowns")

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