Luna Prasada
Name Luna Prasada
Occupation Wellness company CEO
Pathology Alleged rapist
Alleged embezzler
Status Alive (acquitted)
Actor Radha Mitchell
First Appearance "Swimming With The Sharks"

Luna Prasada is a woman who was accused of rape by Melanie Franks.


Luna had known Melanie since they were children and worked together. When she was raped by Bobby Frost, Bobby claimed that she was crying rape because she had stolen money from her company. The Special Victims Unit was led to Tisa Chee, who accused Luna of rape; this resulted in Luna being arrested, much to her distress. She later had a nervous breakdown while being questioned in prison and was taken to see a doctor.

It was later revealed Bobby raped Luna after all and that Tisa lied about Luna raping her. It was also revealed this had been a plan concocted by Melanie, who was getting back at Luna for stealing her gold chain necklace one summer when they were children. When this was confirmed by Melanie, Luna was cleared of all charges. (SVU: "Swimming With The Sharks")

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