Lyle Menendez
Name Lyle Menendez
Pathology Murderer
Family Erik Menendez (brother)
Jose Menendez (father; deceased)
Kitty Menendez (mother; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Miles Gaston Villanueva
First Appearance "True Crime: Episode 1"
Last Appearance "True Crime: Episode 8"

Lyle Menendez is a murderer who, along with his brother Erik, murdered his parents Jose and Kitty in 1989. His crime and court case became a nationwide media story.


Raised all his life by abusive parents, Lyle and his brother Erik snapped and murdered their mother and father, but denied it to the police. During a psychologist meeting, both Lyle and his brother Erik confessed that they were repeatedly abused by their parents. Their lawyer Leslie Abramson used this as a defense move to try and avoid imprisonment. However, after several jury deadlocks and suspicion of corrupt court officials, a jury found Lyle and his brother guilty of murder, therefore sending them to prison.


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