"Mad Hops"
CI, Episode 3.11
Production number: E4514
First aired: 11 January 2004
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Goren Rodgers Mad Hops
Teleplay By
Jim Sterling

Story By
Jim Sterling & René Balcer

Directed By
Christopher Swartout


Goren and Bishop try to find the link between the killings of a PI and a star high-school athlete. The P.I was trying to find a young man who they discover has been murdered, this second victim was a basketball player whose career overshadowed his replacement in the team, the team's coach was having an affair with the replacement's mother and so doctored the young man stats for him to receive a schorlarship, when the first victim discovered his fraud the coach killed him and then the P.I to cover his tracks. 


Main cast

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Goren: He taught social sciences at I.S. 44, 15 years ago.
Bishop: In the Bronx. Should have been enough excitement for two lifetimes.

Convenience store. A gun's practically standard equipment.

–James Deakins

Perry Powell: You played?
Robert Goren: Yeah. High school.
Perry Powell: In the city? Maybe I saw you play.
Robert Goren: No. I didn't stick with it.
Perry Powell: Ah. Maybe with the right encouragement.

I know this guy. He's a lonely man with a shot at happiness. He's gonna fight for it.

–Robert Goren

Perry Powell: Does he always beat around the bush?
Robert Goren: I can be direct. You're divorced. You got no kids. And basketball is pretty much it for you, Coach. You haven't won a championship in the last seven years. You might be hungry for a big win to cap your career. Hungry enough to go into business with Curtis Romney?
Perry Powell: I can be direct, too. I see a problem with authority figures. You defy them. You disrespect them. But the truth is, you're intimidated by them. It's the mark of a boy with an indifferent father. His absence took the joy out of playing basketball.

Goren: Picket-fence play. Four players in a row, fifth dribbles behind. It's old school.
Bishop: Everything about Powell's old school. I think he stopped buying jackets when Wilt Chamberlain retired.

What kind of an athlete lies to make himself look bad?

–James Deakins

Look, you shouldn't lose everything because you tried to help this kid. You know, when my father died, he had just enough money to, uh, cover his own funeral. That shouldn't happen to you.

–Robert Goren

Goren: You know how to pick 'em, Coach.
Powell: Now, you go ahead, Goren. You get it all out, all that defiance.
Goren: You see that? His understanding of what makes a young man's like a gift.

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