Madeline Haynes
Name Madeline Haynes
Occupation Hospice volunteer
Pathology Double murderer
Suspected serial killer
Family Unborn child (with Pepin)
Status Alive
Actor Olivia d'Abo
First Appearance JO: "Catacombs"

Madeline Haynes is a murderer and criminal mastermind whose actions, mannerisms, and fingerprints all resemble Nicole Wallace's from Law & Order: Criminal Intent.


Nothing is known about Madeline's history prior to 2013 as there are no records of her. She is known to speak fluent Thai and at some point met and began a relationship with the Minister of Foreign Affirs Pepin. She started squatting in a hospice patient's house because she didn't have a home of her own. Madeline eventually became pregnant with Pepin's child and wanted him to leave his wife. When he refused, she eventually began a relationship with a microbiologist named Silvie Ferrier for her work in pneumonic plaque. Madeline also began a relationship with a pastry chef. She was domineering with Silvie to the point where she forced her to wear clothes that were too small for her.

On Jo

When Silvie discovered Madeline was pregnant, Madeline killed her and staged it to appear as if Satanists and her boss committed the murder. During this time, her history is revealed, including her last words. During the course of the investigation, it is revealed that Madeline is pregnant and had killed Silvie to keep quiet about her plan to kill a minister's family so she can have him all to herself and have a family of her own. Her plan is stopped and she is arrested for the murders and attempted poisonings. However, she manages to escape justice by setting up the Koreans for the crime. It is later revealed that her DNA is not a match to Nicole Wallace's on file and the minister releases her from prison. (Jo: "The Catacombs")

Similarities and Connections with Nicole

  • Both can speak fluent Thai.
  • Both their fingerprints match.
  • Both are bisexual.
  • Both use assumed or fake names (Whether or not she is Nicole, it is established that Madeline Haynes is an alias).
  • Both attempt to use accomplices to carry out murders for them.
  • Both are murderers that leave red herrings behind to distract and confuse the authorities.
  • Nicole was supposedly murdered in 2008 and Madeline didn't appear until five years later.
  • Nicole was briefly married to Gavin Haynes and Madeline's last name is Haynes.


  • 2013:
    • Silvie Ferrier (stabbed in the neck with pillars and pressed on her chest until she choked on her own blood)
    • Adele Gauthier (assaulted)
    • Unnamed pastry chef (stabbed to death)
    • The attempted banquet mass poisoning (all assaulted through the pastry chef):
      • Sixteen unnamed guests
      • Deputy Minister Pepin's family:
        • Unnamed wife
        • Unnamed daughter
        • Unnamed son
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