Maggie Conner
Maggie Conner
Name Maggie Conner
Pathology Accessory to murder
Family Victor Conner (father)
Laura Madsen (mother; deceased)
Steve Martell (stepfather)
Status On probation
Actor Sarah Paulson
First Appearance Family Values

Maggie Conner was a 17-year-old girl and a suspect in the murder of her mother, Laura Madsen, who was actually killed by her stepfather and lover, Steve Martell.

Martell manipulated her into helping him kill her mother by promising to marry her after her mother was dead. After Madsen's death, however, Martell lets her take the blame and gets engaged to another woman. Once she sees how Martell used her, she testifies against him and sends him to prison.

She is currently on probation for accessory to her mother's murder after testifying against Martell.

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