"Major Case"
CI, Episode 8.14
Production number:
First aired: 26 July 2009
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Det Nichols Major Case
Written By
Andrew Lipsitz

Directed By
Chris Zalla
You may be looking for the Major Case Squad itself.


With Wheeler in labor and Goren in Tennessee, Nichols and Eames are partnered together to investigate a renowned forensicologist who appears to be fudging his facts to close cases.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


Rose Muller; Margo Jane Wheeler; Jose Montoya; Jodie Richards; Deborah Brand; Suzanne March; 9th Precinct; Montpelier, Vermont; St. Vincent's Hospital


Henry Muller: It can be so darn easy to kill someone when you really know what you're doing.

Background information and notes

  • This episode is notable because it will be the first time that Det. Eames and Det. Nichols team up for a case. The real reason is that Julianne's second pregnancy during the filming complicated her work and Kathyrn stepped in to fill in her role.
  • Goren is mentioned in this episode to be on a police case in Tennessee.

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"Major Case"
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