Malcolm Royce
Name Malcolm Royce
Title Steven Dashiell
Occupation Convention planner
Pathology Spree killer
Mass murderer
Family annihilator
Family Lindsay Royce (wife; deceased)
Tyler Royce (eldest son; deceased)
Drew Royce (youngest son; deceased)
Jennifer Royce (daughter; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Dylan Walsh
First Appearance "Annihilated"

Malcolm Royce (alias Steven Dashiell) was a mass murderer. He killed his fiancée, then later murdered his wife and three children. He then tried to pin the killing spree on his wife, but failed.


A narcissistic individual, Malcolm considered himself to be fundamental for the stability of his family. Despite this, he maintained a secret relationship with a woman named Cynthia Yellin, who believed Malcolm to be a government agent working for the CIA, named Steven Dashiell. Malcolm eventually reached a breaking point when his wife Lindsay discovered his infidelity and, at the same time, Cynthia began considering marriage. Malcolm visited Cynthia, had sex with her, and then killed her by snapping her neck.

Being investigated by the Special Victims Unit, Malcolm came to believe that he was going to end up in prison, with no one to care for his family. As a result, he decided to kill his entire family and attempted to have Lindsay framed for the murders. Detective Stabler was eventually able to see through his ruse and arrested him after he again feigned wanting to commit suicide. He was finally coerced into confessing to his crimes by Stabler himself, when he began threatening Malcolm physically. (SVU: "Annihilated")

Known Victims

  • 2007:
    • March 21: Cynthia Yellin (his fiancée; killed by snapping her neck)
    • March 23: The Royce family (all drugged except for Lindsay and shot once in the head)
      • Tyler Royce (his eldest son)
      • Drew Royce (his youngest son)
      • Jennifer Royce (his daughter)
      • Lindsay Royce (his wife; also attempted to set her up as a patsy)
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