Law and Order
CI, Episode 1.19
Production number: E2122
First aired: 21 April 2002
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Written By
Stephanie Sengupta

Directed By
Frank Prinzi

Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a Russian mobster's daughter who was about to write a revealing book.


Ilana Yushka is murdered. Her head is decapitated and sent in a package to her publisher. She had written a book about the Russian mob which led to her father's imprisonment. Initially, everyone thinks she was taken out because she was written a second book about the mob. She was indeed writing a second book but it was about her old friend Kenneth Strick. The Russian mob had actually planned on killing her but Kenneth Strick had beaten them to it.

Ilana and Kenneth attended a boarding school for affluent troubled and/or mischievous young adults and she learned a secret of his in their youth which she decided to write a book about in her later years for some quick cash. It turns out that Kenneth Strick not only was a fan of cross-dressing but that he put ant poison in his mother's lemonade when he was a young boy. He was mad at her for getting pregnant with his new step-dad and didn't want another baby. He hid in the cabinet under the sink as she slowly died and called for help and remained there until police found him. Goren eventually persuades Kenneth Strick to admit to the truth by returning him to the scene of his mother's death, their old house.


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Robert Carver: Is cross-dressing something people kill for these days?

Goren: Strick is a straight guy who can only get excited wearing women's clothing. That usually goes hand-in-hand with masochism.
Eames: I learn something new everyday.

Eames: The girls say Strick paid them five grand each. And here I thought hockey players and maple syrup were Canada's biggest exports.

Robert Goren: Truth...Fiction.

Background information and notes

  • Standup comedian Bill Burr has a cameo appearance as a jogger.
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