"Maltese Cross"
CI, Episode 6.04
Production number: 06006
First aired: 10 October 2006
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Wheeler Maltese Cross
Written By
Jacquelyn Reingold

Directed By
Jim McKay

The investigation into the murder of a much-lauded fireman sparks trouble between the NYPD and the FDNY.


The murder of a fireman, stabbed 22 times, ends up in a brawl between NYPD and FDNY, leading to a hearing before the Commissioner for Logan and Wheeler, and a possible repeat killer. The storyline arcs back to the fight as Logan and Wheeler retell their story to the Commissioner, giving perspective to the fight and underlying issues between the NYPD and the FDNY. The brawl proves to be a red herring and it appears the crime was perpetrated by a possible repeat killer when an identical murder twelve years prior comes to light. Questions arise concerning the victim's sexual orientation, followed by an official inquiry and a secret involving his wife, a colleague, and a hate crime someone else confesses to.


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Background information and notes

The Ledger cover says NYPD vs NYFD Smackdown!

The brawl is the first non-lethal fight on CI.

Prior to this episode, Megan Wheeler had never gone before the Police Commissioner in a hearing.

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"Maltese Cross"
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