"Man Down"
SVU, Episode 20.02
Production number: 20002
First aired: 27 September 2018
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin & Julie Martin

Directed By
Alex Chapple


Following a shocking verdict in a high-school rape case, ADA Stone blames himself for the outcome. Meanwhile, before Benson can offer help, the victim makes a tragic decision.




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Molly Conway: We'll get through this.
Olivia: Yeah, well, your husband, maybe, and Brian, but what about Sam? I'm just curious how you're going to get through looking into your son's eyes at the dinner table or when you're saying good night to him knowing that he knows that his mother didn't protect him. His mother didn't keep him safe.

Sam Conway: Go away!
Carisi: I can't do that!
Sam: Just let me die.
Carisi: I can't do that either, Sam. Now come on, let's put that gun down.
Sam: No! Why should I be able to play baseball, huh? Or eat chocolate-chip waffles, or kiss a girl, or go to college. I don't deserve that! I deserve to die!

Carisi: [to Sam] Answer one question for me then, okay? Because all this baffles me. I mean, I can understand if you shot your dad, if you shot your brother...
Sam: It wasn't their fault!
Carisi: It wasn't their fault, but it was the kids at school's fault?
Sam: No.
Carisi: No? I guess there's only one person left, Sam. I guess this is all on you.

Carisi: [to Sam] Yeah, see, that's the thing about dads, no matter how bad you screw up, they still love you.

Fin: A lot of kids are assaulted, abused and humiliated. They don't shoot up schools and murder other kids.

Sam: Be a man! A voice in my head kept saying, "Be a man!" Be a man! Over and over again. Be a man! How's that, Dad? I didn't flinch! Am I a man now? Huh?

Stone: [during his closing argument in court] Men are strong. They're the hunters, the fighters. The spear-throwers, the sword-swingers, the gunslingers. They sit in bars and they toss back shots, regaling other men with tales of their sexual conquests. That's what makes them masculine. That's what makes them men. You get in a fistfight? That's okay. It'll make you a man. You grab a little ass? Hey, that's what men do. But what if you cry? Or show empathy? Or, God forbid, you can't shoot a little rabbit? Well, I'm sorry, you just don't deserve to be my son. The problem is Sam is John's son. The problem is Sam just wanted to make John proud. The problem is, John wasn't preaching strength. He was preaching power over others and that's not being a man. That's being a criminal.

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