"Manhattan Transfer"
SVU, Episode 17.17
Production number: 17017
First aired: 2 March 2016
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Teleplay By
Kevin Fox & Brendan Feeney

Story By
Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Alex Chapple


An investigation into the sexual exploitation of underage Catholic schoolgirls leads to shocking charges against judges, legislators, DAs, and even members of the NYPD.


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Barba (to Olivia): Monsignor Mulregan's visit was not a social call. He has made some very serious allegations.
Olivia: Yeah. Against Father Eugene.
Barba: No. Against Tucker.
Olivia: Allegations against Tucker? What did the monsignor say, exactly?
Barba: He said that he and Father Eugene went to Tucker a year ago. That they had information that Vice was running some of their students. Father Eugene even violated the seal of the confessional to provide evidence.
Olivia: He claims that?
Barba: They also named Russo and Jefferson. And Tucker buried it.
Olivia: And he's telling you this now? This is about protecting Father Eugene. I was there, at that church, when Tucker confronted him. I thought he was gonna rip his head off.
Barba: I don't know. I don't know. I mean, maybe... maybe... maybe that's what he wanted you to think.
Olivia: No, Ed is not capable of that.
Barba: Since when? I thought SVU hated this guy. He's gone after each and every one of you.
Olivia: That's his job. He has to be relentless. You're wrong about him. Trust me.
Barba: Wait. Are you involved with him?
Olivia: Don't ask me that.
Barba: When were you gonna tell me? I am informing you that a captain at IAB may be involved in a sex trafficking ring, and you don't mention that the two of you are sleeping together?
Olivia: You're wrong about him. Bring him in here, ask him yourself.
Barba: You and I are done talking.
Capt. Tucker: So what have you heard?
Olivia: That Group One is investigating you for sex trafficking, corruption, murder?
Capt. Tucker: Yeah. I've been invited to come in early tomorrow morning.
Olivia: Oh, my god.
Capt. Tucker: Cousin Eugene really set me up good. You get those warrants yet?
Olivia: No, they're stalled. I don't know if it was before or after Barba found out that I was... biased towards you.
Capt. Tucker: Oh. Okay. You know how this goes. Don't stick your neck out. It'll look like you're covering for me. (sees that Olivia is worried and he takes her hand) Hey. They can't prove anything because I haven't done anything. All right? I'm gonna be fine.
Olivia: And we just let these guys skate?
Capt. Tucker: You wanna go after the Church, City Hall, and Albany for an IAB investigator who's loathed by half of NYPD? Stay out of it.
Olivia: (her phone chirps) Well, it just might be too late. 1PP wants to see me. Immediately.
Sgt. Dodds (to Olivia): Is everything all right?
Olivia: Oh, I'm fine.
Sgt. Dodds: Lieutenant, what's going on?
Olivia: You'd know better than me.
Sgt. Dodds: Did something happen?
Olivia: You're telling me that you didn't know?
Sgt. Dodds: Know what?
(Carisi enters Olivia's office with evidence boxes with Rollins right behind him)
Olivia: That I'm out. Effective immediately. Uh, Carisi, Rollins, as of now, Sergeant Dodds is acting commander of SVU, so... congratulations. (Carisi, Rollins & Dobbs are speechless) That's it. You're dismissed.

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St. Bernadine's
Halfway House for Woman
570 Sutter Avenue
East New York, Brooklyn
Tuesday, March 1

St. Fabiola's Academy
391 East 146th Street
Wednesday, March 2

Saint Horatio's
Community Church
23 East 2nd Street
Thursday, March 3

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