"Manhattan Vigil"
SVU, Episode 14.05
Production number: 14006
First aired: 24 October 2012
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Svu 1405 300 episode
Written By
Peter Blauner

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

A child abduction investigation reopens the thirteen-year-old case of another missing boy.


A young boy from Morningside Heights is kidnapped while in the care of his father, and the investigation reminds Captain Cragen, Sergeant Munch and Detective Benson of an unsolved kidnapping that occurred in the same neighborhood thirteen years ago. While the entire squad races against the clock to find the missing boy, Benson vows to learn from past mistakes to set both cases right. The squad at first suspect a police officer, Steve Lomatin, but he has an alibi and turns out to just be crazy, but to have connected the two disappearances, Hector and Wyatt to other disappearances of kids because there was a fire soon after. He always believed the fire was used to dispose of the bodies.

Investigating, they find the fire occurred before Hector disappeared, but that nearby building claimed water damage and put down a new concrete floor in the basement. Digging up the basement, they find Hector's body. Checking on the building records, they find they were all owned by Wyatt's grandfather and realize he had the buildings burned down. Checking his records with the help of Wyatt's father, they find that a man named Lewis Hodda signed for the concrete and arrest him. When they threaten to tell everyone he's a pedophile and "agree" to help him, he breaks down and tells them where to find Wyatt who he kidnapped after his father wouldn't give him any money. Searching an old warehouse, Benson finds Wyatt alive and unharmed and returns him to his parents. Later, a vigil is held for Hector which all the detectives attend.



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  • Munch: (about an interrogation) He wasn't happy that I didn't treat him as a brother officer.
  • Cragen: Good, do it again.
  • Rolins: Just because he's crazy doesn't mean he's wrong.
  • Amaro: (as they go to tell a parent their kid is dead) Worst part of being a cop.
  • Benson: Yeah.
  • Munch: Lomatin was right: there are no coincidences
  • Benson: You know maybe David Morris got tired of paying two sets of Legal fees.
  • Tutuola: And has his own son kidnapped?
  • Amaro: Or the wife wants to make him look bad.
  • Munch: Nothing's fair in love and war.
  • Benson: She does wanna make him look bad, she made a point of telling me that he got there at eleven today, two hours late.
  • Rollins: Eleven? The train didn't leave until 12:15.
  • Cragen: Did David tell you he stopped anywhere?
  • Amaro: No, and I asked.

Background information and Notes

  • This episode marks the 300th episode of the series.
  • Jean de Segonzac, who directed the first episode of the series, also returns to direct this episode.
  • This would be the first milestone episode without Detective Stabler seen.
  • The beginning footage of Olivia looking up at the man in the window in a flashback is used from the Season 1 episode 11 "Bad Blood".

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My Dear Lady Anne Bakery
2036 8th Avenue
Sunday, October 7

Morningside Park
West 110th Street
Sunday, October 7

328 West 115th Street
Sunday, October 7

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Norah Jones' song "Waiting" is played as the show closes with the end credits.