Marc Rajic
Name Marc Rajic
Pathology Alleged kidnapper
Alleged murderer
Family Ana Rajic (mother)
Status Alive
Actor Michael Barra
First Appearance "Lost Traveler"

Marc Rajic is a mentally disabled man and the prime suspect in the disappearance and murder of Nico Grey.


Rajic was isolated from society by his gypsy mother. Due to this and his mental disability, he developed a reputation of being strange towards the neighborhood youth, particularly Emma Butler and Courtney Lane. When Butler and Lane kidnapped Nico, both girls flirted with Rajic and performed sexual actions on him, which caused him to ejaculate. They then told him that there would be more for him if he kept quiet and kept a rabbit's foot that Nico had when he was kidnapped.

When Rajic became a suspect, Detectives Rollins and Amaro went to pick him up from a gypsy campground. Out of fear, Rajic held a knife to protect himself but was soon arrested. The detectives then entered Rajic's house and found Nico's rabbit foot. When Nico was found dead, Nico's mother Nadia tried to burn Rajic alive in his room in a fit of rage. Eventually, the Special Victims Unit found inconsistencies in the case against Rajic. The detectives suspected Butler and Lane and brought Rajic in, who told the detectives what the two girls had done to him. When the girls confessed to murdering Nico, Rajic was cleared of further suspicion, while Butler and Lane were charged with murder. (SVU: "Lost Traveler")

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