Law and Order
Law and Order
Margaret Barry
Margaret Barry (1).jpg
Name Margaret Barry
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor Doris Belack
First Appearance L&O: "The Torrents of Greed (Part I)"
Last Appearance SVU: "Pique"

Margaret Barry is a judge in New York City who is known to hold the prosecution to a higher standard than most judges.

Cases tried[]

  • Allowed both the prosecution and defense to question Barry Taggert after the defendant was going to claim he killed Bridget Kaylin.
  • Dismissed the initial inditement against Pollack due to lack of evidence, allowing the prosecution to refile when they find more evidence.
  • Allowed the PTSD defense in, but reserves the right to instruct the jury to disregard all psychiatric testimony if the defendant's attorney, Daniel Metzler, fails to make out the defense.
  • Granted the defense's motion to suppress the gun, statements and all other evidence connected to the school psychologist's statement based on 4th amendment and doctor-patient privilege violations
  • Dismissed the initial charges against Semple due to lack of evidence, allowing the People to refile when they find more evidence.