Maria Grazie
Name Maria Grazie
Affiliation United States Army
Occupation Soldier
Family Nick Amaro (ex-husband)
Zara Amaro (daughter)
Cesaria Amaro
Nicolas Fiorello Amaro
Sonya Amaro (ex-sister-in-law)
Status Alive
Actor Laura Benanti
First Appearance "Spiraling Down"
Last Appearance "Thought Criminal"

Maria Grazie is the ex-wife of Detective Nick Amaro, the mother of Zara Amaro, and the former stepmother of Gilberto Mancheno.


Maria is serving in the armed forces and stationed in Iraq. Amaro video-chats with her about Jason Harris, the father of a victim in one of his cases, who served overseas with her. They have somewhat of a tense conversation, as she does not like the tone he is using with her, after he asked why he has never heard of this man. (SVU: "Spiraling Down")

After returning to New York City, Marie heads back overseas on a new assignment. (SVU: "Official Story")

Amaro video-chats with Maria, who he tells about their current serial killer case. They later argue over her unavailability over the past few days. He tries to apologize but she stops him and says she knows. They then tell each other to be safe. When the case was resolved, Amaro speaks to his wife again via Skype, lies about having killed the man, and Maria tells him about her day in the field. They end their conversation by saying, "I love you." (SVU: "Hunting Ground")

Maria is once again back in New York and shows up in the squad room after Amaro was late for their Valentine's Day dinner. At the end of this episode, Amaro watches his wife enter an unknown brownstone, and he has the increased suspicion that she is having an affair. (SVU: "Valentine's Day")

Immediately after, Amaro sees her meet for lunch with Jason. Amaro drives to Philadelphia, where her friend lives, punches him, and tells him to stay away from his wife. Maria discovers this and comes into the squad room in a rage, knocking folders off his desk. They begin to argue in front of the squad, until Cragen tells Amaro "Not here", and they go into the bunk room. Amaro reveals his suspicion to her. Marie says that she is not having an affair and that the brownstone he saw her enter was her psychiatrist before she storms out of the room. Maria later said to Amaro they have to talk about it sometime, he replies, "He knows". (SVU: "Street Revenge")

It was later discovered that she took a job in D.C., telling her husband that they need a "break from each other".


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