Marisol Pavel
Name Marisol Pavel
Affiliation BX9
Pathology Accessory to rape and murder
Family Unnamed son (mothered with Cesar)
Unnamed uncle
Alejandro Pavel (cousin)
Ken Randall (cousin-in-law)
Jaden (adoptive first cousin once removed)
Status Alive
Actor Olivia Ford
First Appearance "Learning Curve"
Last Appearance "Betrayal's Climax"

Marisol Pavel is a woman affiliated with the BX9 street gang.

Background[edit | edit source]

At an unknown point in her life, Marisol was impregnated by a man named Cesar, who started running with BX9. At one point, he revealed that Marisol's cousin Alejandro was gay.

On SVU[edit | edit source]

Marisol is sitting down pregnant as Cesar leaves with BX9 gangbangers to beat Alejandro, kissing her goodbye. Detective Fin knocks on her door a few days after the attack and barges into her home to conduct a search. When they pretend to find a gun, Fin forces her to call Cesar under the pretext that she is in labor. Detective Benson later questions Marisol about Cesar but she refuses to answer despite the threat of being charged with gun possession. She is later released when Cesar agrees to give up the identities of Alejandro's attackers. (SVU: "Learning Curve")

She later gives birth to a little boy and starts dating Carlos Hernandez, the leader of BX9. When Carlos and his gang rape a high school girl named Avery Capshaw, she witnesses Carlos getting arrested by Fin. Fin recognizes her and asks why she is with BX9 and not with Cesar. Marisol claims it is because he is a rat and BX9 is her family now. Fin and Rollins later pay her another visit and tell her that her boyfriend is going to get convicted, but she doesn't believe either of them. They tell her that Manny Montero, a member of BX9, is testifying against Carlos and that Carlos liked Avery's butt to rile her up. Marisol calls Carlos and he tells her not to worry, confessing that he had Manny killed. He is unaware that the police were recording the call, later using it as evidence to convict all of the BX9 members responsible for Avery's gang-rape. (SVU: "Betrayal's Climax")

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