Mark Dobbins
Mark Dobbins; First Interview.jpg
Name Mark Dobbins
Occupation Gym instructor
Football coach
Pathology Alleged pedophile
Alleged child molester
Alleged rapist
Family Julie Dobbins (wife)
Lily Dobbins (daughter)
Anna Dobbins (daughter)
Status Alive
Actor Daniel Hugh-Kelly
First Appearance "Contagious"

Mark Dobbins was a gym teacher and football coach of Chestnut Academy and a suspect in the rape of Holly Purcell.


Mark had a previous arrest by an intoxicated police officer in Erie County for soliciting a teenage prostitute who lied about her age. The charge was subsequently dismissed, and over the next ten years, Mark married a woman named Julie and had two daughters. After the football team he coached won the county championship, his picture and name were mentioned in the local paper. The cop who arrested him recognized him, called the school board, and got Mark dismissed and his teaching license is pulled by the state. As a result, he had to forge a document to get a teaching/coaching job at Chestnut Academy in Manhattan.

The rape charge against Mark was dismissed after Holly recanted her accusations. Although Mark's name was cleared, Mark was dismissed from Chestnut Academy, not because of the case, but for forging the document. He and his wife are currently living with his in-laws in Upstate New York.

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