Mark Ford Brady
Mark Ford Brady
Name Mark Ford Brady
Affiliation United States of America
Division United States Army
Occupation Photographer
Pathology Serial killer
Serial rapist
Family Unnamed father (deceased)
Robert Goren (son with Frances Goren)
Status Executed
Actor Roy Scheider
First Appearance "Endgame"

Mark Ford Brady was a convicted prolific serial killer, rapist, and the biological father of Detective Robert Goren, though he did not reveal this to his son until shortly before his execution.


Brady's childhood, according to Goren, was exactly what someone expected of a serial killer's, with a single mother and absent father.

Later in life, Brady served in the United States Army in the 1950s, and was for a time stationed in West Germany. He was discharged without incident in 1965.

In 1960, while on leave from the Army, he had a relationship with Frances Goren. Around the time John F. Kennedy was elected President, the two conceived Robert while Frances' husband was away from home. After Robert was born, his older brother Frank knew Brady as "Uncle Mark". While neither Frank nor Frances' husband William knew about Bobby's parentage, Brady and Frances knew though neither revealed it until shortly before each of them died. When Brady revealed himself to Bobby, his son was disgusted and shocked, then began to choke his father as he struggled to deny it. Bobby did release him from the hold and did not attend his execution. Despite this, Brady wrote out a full confession, complete with sketches of the women's faces as a "birthday gift" for Goren and asked his attorney to hand deliver it to Goren, but Goren was with his mother at the time and so Eames and the captain received it.

He was convicted of seven murders in total, although evidence he later revealed showed he murdered others. He was executed by the State of Pennsylvania for the murders. (CI: "Endgame")

Known Victims

  • Numerous unnamed women (all raped and sometimes murdered)
  • 1960s:
    • At least one unnamed woman in Germany (raped and murdered)
    • Frances Goren (his ex-girlfriend; beaten and raped)
  • 1980s
    • 1981: Jane Flynn (raped and murdered)
    • 1985: Elizabeth Trudy (raped)
    • 1988:
      • Madelyn Strauss (raped and murdered)
      • Unnamed woman (raped and murdered)
    • 1989: Anna Dukay (raped and murdered)
    • Unknown dates:
      • Gail Thompson (raped and murdered)
      • Amy Babcock (raped and murdered)
      • Nancy Statz (raped and murdered)
      • Sara Utowkow (raped and murdered)
      • Allison Keele (raped and murdered in Atlantic City)
      • Vicki Silt (raped and murdered)
      • Two unnamed women (presumably raped and murdered)
  • 1991: Two unnamed women (raped and murdered)
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