Mark Foster
Name Mark Foster
Occupation Former trader
Meat packager
Pathology Serial rapist
Statutory rapist
Convicted domestic abuser
Serial assailant
Family Malcolm Foster (father)
Layla Foster (wife)
Unnamed daughter
Status Deceased
Actor Mahershalalhashbaz Ali
First Appearance "Unstable"

Mark Foster was the prime suspect of the rape and murder of Lynn Rivers, along with four other rapes. One of his rapes was attributed to Victor Tate until 2009, while two others went undetected because the victims were prostitutes.

After confessing to all of the crimes, Foster commits suicide by falling from a high-story window at the SVU precinct. Because he never officially testified in open court, Tate was to continue serving his sentence. (SVU: "Unstable")

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates: Layla Foster (his wife; abused)
  • 1997:
    • Beverly Neal (raped and attempted to disembowel; escaped)
    • Unnamed prostitute (raped)
  • 1998: Katie Harris (raped, beaten, and cut her face; survived)
  • 2009:
    • June 22-23: Rena West (raped)
    • June 25: Lynn Rivers (raped, sternum cut repeatedly, stabbed twice in the chest, and throat slit; removed both of her nipples post-mortem)
    • June 26: The Foster home standoff:
      • Detective Elliot Stabler (attempted to blow up in a gas explosion)
      • Detective Olivia Benson (attempted to blow up in a gas explosion)
      • Officer Nate Kendall (attempted to blow up in a gas explosion)
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