Law and Order

Mark Jefferies is the State's Attorney of Cook County, Illinois and the former boss of then-Assistant State's Attorney Peter Stone.


As revealed in Chicago Justice and later "Zero Tolerance", Jefferies served in the United States Marine Corps and spent three years in country during the Vietnam War.

Jefferies has been the Cook County State's Attorney since at least 2016. (PD: "Justice") He is also acquainted with New York County District Attorney Jack McCoy. (SVU: "The Undiscovered Country")

Regarding a case involving Gabriela Sosa, a little girl rescued from a sex trafficking ring who was then sent to an immigration center, Stone, now an Assistant District Attorney with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, asked Jefferies for help to reunite Gabriela with her mother. They consulted with the supervising judge in the 5th Circuit, who grew up in Chicago and trained at the same gym as Jefferies. Stone threw together the asylum petition and the judge pushed it through. After that, Jefferies and NYPD Lieutenant Olivia Benson went to the immigration center to reunite Gabriela with her mother, who is now a legal resident. (SVU: "Zero Tolerance")