Mark Virgini
Mark Virgini.jpg
Name Mark Virgini
Affiliation NYPD
Masucci Crime Family
Pathology Dirty cop
Family Renata Virgini (daughter)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor David Keith
First Appearance "Unchained"

Mark Virgini is a dirty detective working on behalf of the New York Mafia along with his partner Albert Kirkoff.

History[edit | edit source]

When Peter Taglioti, the mafia boss Mark was working for, became the victim of an attempted murder, he called him to find out what had happened so that he could exact revenge. Mark, together with Albert, found the would-be killer, and they worked with Taglioti and his men to carry out a revenge-motivated killing spree.

However, one of the murder victims was the son of another police officer, who became the victim of mistaken identity, and the Major Case Squad was called to investigate. Realizing he had to protect himself, Mark was hired by Taglioti to kill two of his men. After that, he and Albert tried to murder them, but one of the men survived and identified them. They were arrested, but the evidence available was not enough to prosecute them.

The detectives recruited Mark's daughter Renata to expose him and Albert by showing her how he was even prepared to encourage her rape to his employers to improve his relationship with them. With her help and testimony, he was imprisoned for his role in the murders. (CI: "Unchained")

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